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Fredrik Roos Foundation in Cooperation with Artipelag

On March 28th, 2018, Fredrik Roos would have been 67 years old and for that reason, on this day we remember his great contribution to contemporary art – now manifested in the foundation bearing his name. The Fredrik Roos Foundation allocates a scholarship annually and this year it will amount to SEK 600,000 – making it one of Sweden’s largest. The scholarship, now being awarded for the seventh time, has previously been presented at the Modern Museum in Malmö where the scholarship exhibitions also have been presented. This year sees the presentation ceremony and exhibition moves to Artipelag in Stockholm.

Fredrik Roos
Fredrik Roos.

In close collaboration with the country’s five art schools, two graduates from each respective school are nominated. The foundation then designates one or more fellows who receive a scholarship for artistic education in the form of further education or travel opportunities. The scholarship has a high prestige factor, not least because the fellow’s work is exhibited at an established art institution.

The Fredrik Roos Foundation scholarship has previously been awarded to artists such as Paul Fägerskiöld (2013) and Idun Baltzersen (2015).

This year, the scholarship will be presented at Artipelag in Stockholm’s archipelago on Thursday, September 27th and the accompanying exhibition will take place here.

”We are thrilled that the foundation has chosen Artipelag as a place for Fredrik Roos’ scholarship. For us, this will be an opportunity to show the very best of the younger generation of artists” – Bo Nilsson (Art Director)

Recipients of these scholarships should be ”artists who – in the spirit of Fredrik Roos himself – are prepared to take risks in their artistry. One who believes in himself and who has his own unique expression. The artist should be no more than 35 years old, come from a Nordic country, and preferably work with painting and/or sculpture”.

”As an entrepreneur, Fredrik had a penchant for change. This property is a place that we as a foundation are constantly inspired by and we are looking forward to working with Artipelag. Our hope is that this new location will further strengthen the focus on the fellows and their artistry,” said Axel Roos (Chairman of the Foundation and grandson of Fredrik Roos).

In connection with the grant award, a catalog with works by this year’s recipients will be published. This year’s recipients will be announced after the summer.

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