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Sculpture in Nature

Outdoor exhibition
Permanent exhibition
Skulptur – Bigert & Bergström: Solar Egg
Verket ”Pojke” av Lars Nilsson
Lars Nilsson, Boy, 2012

Sculpture in Nature

Entrance fee:
Adults & students: 50 SEK
Art.Pass holders: Free entry
Children/youths (0-17 years): Free entry
Guided map:
You can buy a guided map, with information about the artworks in English, at our reception.
Audio guide to the outdoor exhibition Sculpture in Nature:
Buy an audio guide to the outdoor exhibition "Sculpture in Nature" on our webshop and listen to it on your smartphone or tablet.
The audio guide is available in Swedish and English. You will be able to choose the language after you have purchased the audio guide.

Sculpture in Nature is Artipelag’s permanent outdoor exhibition. The artworks can be seen along the walking paths in the surrounding forests and meadows, along the seashore, on the jetty and the headland.

As the name suggests, Sculpture in Nature is all about the interaction that occurs when art is placed in nature and not as customary in the neutral white cube. An interaction that has always been of great importance at Artipelag, not only through the position of the art works but also through the architecture and how nature’s elements find a place inside and is allowed through walls and ceilings.

Sculpture in nature include art works by Nordic as well as international artists. In the permanent exhibition we find Jaume Plensa, Maria Miesenberger, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Lars Nilsson, Klara Kristalova, Joel Fisher and Per Kirkeby and more.

Sculpture in nature is an ongoing process and new art works – both permanent and borrowed – are continuously added to the exhibition. The art works are sometimes also given new positions to form new contexts and to keep the dynamic format of the exhibition.

New artworks in the Sculpture Park

Bigert & Bergström’s Solar Egg is presented as a permanent sculpture in Sculpture in Nature. Its position, on a rock by the water edge of Baggensfjärden, is believed to become a landmark for Artipelag’s visitor, whether arriving by land or by boat.

The first time Solar Egg was displayed at Artipelag was in connection with the exhibition by the artist duo Bigert & Bergström in 2017. When the sculpture now is reinstated, it will be as a sculpture in the permanent outdoor exhibition Sculpture in Nature.

Solar Egg was originally produced by the artist duo Bigert & Bergström (Mats Bigert, b.1965 och Lars Bergström b.1962) commissioned by Riksbyggen and placed in Kiruna. The sculpture was then a social sculpture used as a sauna, where the inhabitants of Kiruna could meet and where the residents of Kiruna could get together and discuss the transformation the city was facing in connection with the expansion of the iron ore mining.

Skulptur – Bigert & Bergström: Solar Egg

Practical information

Stele – Per Kirkeby
Kvinnlig energipunkt – Ulrika Sparre
Pojke – Lars Nilsson
Rodt – Berlinde De Bruyckeres