Foto av terrassen utanför Bådan Café & Konditori

Bådan Café & Pâtisserie

Bådan Café & Pâtisserie is located on the entrance floor and is named after the massive, timeworn rock erupting through the floor in the dining area looking over Baggensfjärden bay.

All pastries and bread are made from scratch, with a quality conscious and craftmanship manner by Head of pastry, Annie Hesselstad and the team of pastry chefs and bakers. Here the classic pastry and bread meet modern creations.

The hearty food is presented by Head Chef Patrik Gullmarsvik and his staff. Both pâtisserie and kitchen find inspiration from the surrounding nature, with the emphasis on seasonal and locally sourced products.


Autumn menu

Hot dishes

Game mince beef with juniper cream gravy, pickled lingonberries and crushed root vegetables SEK 195
Vegetarian lentil and feta cheese lasagna with roasted tomato sauce and herb salad SEK 175


Smoked salmon with a creamy potato salad, sugar peas and pickled red onion SEK 185
Honey gratinated chevre with beets, herb baked carrots, roasted seeds and mustard vinaigrette SEK 175


On Danish rye bread
Roast beef with curry remoulade and roasted onion SEK 165
Prawns with egg and mayonnaise SEK 175

Cheese and ham roll SEK 65

Hot soup

Creamy mushroom soup with potatoes, onions, bread and butter SEK 145

For children

Pancakes with organic strawberry jam and cream SEK 75

Pâtisserie and bakery

Exhibition pastry SEK 75
Cardamom bun
SEK 45
Cinnamon bun SEK 45
Pastry SEK 65
Lemon tartelette SEK 38
Chocolate ball SEK 38
Health bar SEK 42
Mazarin SEK 38
Chocolate truffle SEK 30
Carrot cake SEK 38
Ice cream SEK 35


Hot drinks

Coffee or tea SEK 40
Hot apple juice from Värmdö Musteri SEK 40
Hot chocolate SEK 40

Cold drinks

Juice from Värmdö Musteri (apple or rhubarb) SEK 49
Törst local soda (lemon, raspberry, cola, sugar free cola) SEK 49
Soda (Coca Cola, Zero, Sprite, Fanta) SEK 40
Sparkling or still water SEK 35
Smakis SEK 25

Beer from Värmdö brewery

Non-alcoholic lager / IPA SEK 48
Pale lager SEK 74

Wine (glass / bottle)

Albet i Noya – cava SEK 115 / 595
Delas Côte-Du-Rhône – Red SEK 95 / 435
Les Grand Arbres – White SEK 95 / 435
Minuty – Rosé SEK 95 / 435

Practical information

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