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NOTE! On Sunday 23rd of June Artipelag closes at 3 p.m.

Day Conference with Artipelag’s Current Exhibition

Meeting Offer
Always open

Let Artipelag's current exhibition become an inspiring corporate activity alongside your meeting, kick-off, or day conference.

En man som tittar på foton föreställande hav, klippor, männikskpr mm.

About the offer

End your day with an inspiring tour of the art hall and see Artipelag's current exhibition. Enhance your visit with a guided tour led by one of our knowledgeable art guides. Please allocate at least 45 minutes for this activity when planning your schedule.

Contact us to find a suitable arrangement for your event.

Half-price admission to the Art Hall with a Booked Conference, Meeting, or Event

Regardless of the exhibition price, we always offer half-price admission for all participants in connection with your booking at Artipelag. This way, you receive a cost-effective and high-quality experience for your group. Combine an immersive experience with Stockholm's archipelago, nature, waters and art, outdoor sculptures, world-renowned pastries, delicious food, and excellent meeting facilities —all in one place, at Artipelag—Where Art Meets Nature.