Information about the coronavirus

From Sunday March 29th the whole of Artipelag will be closed until further notice due to the situation with the coronavirus.

The information below is only valid until March 28th.

Artipelag will follow the Swedish government’s decisions regarding the coronavirus and ensures that our visitor numbers at the museum will not exceed 500 people at any time.

From 11 am on Friday, March 13th, Artipelag will be counting the number of visitors who are simultaneously staying on our premises to ensure that the total number does not exceed 500 people. As long as the authorities have the restrictions in force, this routine will continue.

The coronavirus is currently not affecting our opening hours. If you have any questions regarding your visit, please contact us at or by phone: +46 (0)8–570 130 00.

For more information about the coronavirus covid-19 please visit the Public Health Agency’s website >>


The exhibition pastry is here

To each exhibition we create a special pastry inspired by the artwork. From March 8th the pastry for Signature Women – 100 years on the Swedish art scene is available!

Head Pastry Chef Annie Hesselstad on her creation:

“To an exhibition as extensive as Signature Women, it was really great to be paired with one of the artists from the exhibition: Åsa Jungnelius. Together with Åsa, I chose to start with her works “the Gate” and “the Shell” from colour and shape perspective. The arches of the pastry form the gate and inside each vault the centre of the shell is hiding. Åsa describes the pastry as a “summer dream” and the taste of raspberry, hibiscus, almond and vanilla leads you on to summer.”

The pastry consists of raspberry bavaroise, raspberry gel flavoured with hibiscus and a gluten free almond base with almond crisp and a hibiscus glaze. The pastry is on sale in our Bådan Café & Pâtisserie.

Upcoming installation by Alexander Ekman

On October 23rd, 2020, Artipelag will host the premiere of the new dance and film installation Vanmakt by the director and dance choreographer Alexander Ekman. The project has been made possible by Micael Bindefeld’s Foundation, by awarding Alexanders its annual grant.

What is it that makes us either to act, be quiet or just watch? How can we turn powerlessness and helplessness to bravery and civil courage? In Vanmakt Alexander examines the question on our own responsibility.

In an interview in Svenska Dagbladet, Alexander talks about the installation.

”It is a new artform. We will be in the Artbox at Artipelag. The idea is to show films on all walls, in front of them or against them, creating moments of different art forms. It can be dance, pictures, people who participate in different ways. A cross-fertilization between different media. It will be a system where subparts will be added continuously creating new. I work almost up to the premiere the last week in October. This is completely new to me and I have never done anything like this before.”

Micael Bindefeld Foundation annually awards a scholarship supporting those who wish to communicate, give information or in any form convey knowledge to a broad Swedish audience stories about the Holocaust. It is becoming more and more difficult to get testimony from the survivors of the Holocaust. Within the near future, no survivors (witnesses) will be alive and therefore the need to convey their stories will be more important than ever.

The motivation from the foundation on the choice of Alexander Ekman is:

”The 2020 Scholarship is awarded choreographer and director Alexander Ekman for his film installation on the major and complex questions evoked by the Holocaust. In this art project Alexander explores our helplessness, bravery and our civil courage and invite young people as well as adults to reflect on one’s own responsibility. By keeping not only the memory of the Holocaust alive, the project also raises awareness that it is possible for anyone and everyone to prevent something like this from happening again.”

Alexander Ekman is one of the absolute foremost choreographers of our time. He works on the big stages in Stockholm, Sydney, Paris, Berlin and New York and is acclaimed everywhere for his extraordinary and innovative productions.

Vanmakt has a world premiere on October 23rd and will run until November 22nd. The work is under development and therefore no tickets are available. More information about the work and tickets will be found on Artipelag’s homepage.

Pictured above: Micael Bindefeld, Alexander Ekman and Artipelag’s founders Björn and Lillemor Jakobson.

Valentine’s Day pastry

As every year, we have a Valentine’s Day pastry. Enjoy this creation in Bådan Café & Pâtisserie between Friday February 14th and Sunday February 16th.

The 2020 version is a tartelette with a raspberry compote, dulcey crémeaux and raspberry glazed raspberry mousse. Price SEK 70.

Also, don’t miss out on our delicious semla buns!

Reduced travel time with public transport

From Sunday December 15th, 2019, the bus schedule for SL bus 468 changed. When the traveller now arrives by bus from Slussen, it is no longer necessary to go all the way to Gustavsberg’s Center for the bus change to Artipelag.

Now the connecting bus stop to bus 468 takes place at Värmdö marknad, which is the first stop after bus 474 has reached Värmdö after leaving the motorway. This considerably reduces travel time from Slussen to Artipelag with approx. 15 minutes – the trip is now approx. 35 minutes to compare with previous 50 minutes.

Please note that bus 468 towards Artipelag departs from the opposite side of the road. After disembarking, you need to cross the road on the pedestrian crossing to get to the bus stop.
Timetable for bus 468 is found on SL’s homepage. Please plan your trip in order to match your bus from Slussen to the connecting bus from Värmdö marknad to Artipelag.

Our direct buses will continue to depart as usual with daily departures from Vasagatan 24.

Bådan Café and Pâtisserie appointed 2019 Year’s Pâtisserie

Of a total 337 participating cafés, Bådan Café & Pâtisserie was selected Best Pâtisserie in Sweden 2019 by White Guide, the leading restaurant guide in the Nordic countries.

Bådan Café and Pâtisserie is described as follows:

”A café which in an extraordinary way presents a broad selection of pastries, cakes and sandwiches made from the best ingredients as a base – where tradition and innovation weighs high combined with the level of coffee presentations, service, environment and ambiance gives a total experience worth returning to”.

The motivation is:

”To be able to produce pastries in an admirable way that visually holds the same artistic class as the art hall itself, to follow the local seasonal changes and a tasteful reminder of the constantly present archipelago environment, this to many, many hundreds of people, daily. Wow!”

– It is truly fantastic to receive this acknowledgement and the whole pastry team of Artipelag have worked hard to get to this level. Artipelag is a very inspiring workplace and I really feel we stepped up another notch when we started collaborating with the arts department. To each exhibition, we create a new signature pastry with inspiration and starting point in the artist’s works, says Annie Hesselstad, head pastry chef Artipelag.

Read the White Guide article here >> (in Swedish)

Gustavus Adolphus pastry on Gustavus Adolphus Day

On Wednesday November 6, 2019, it is time to enjoy the annual Gustavus Adolphus pastry served to commemorate the death of Gustavus Adolphus during the battle of Lützen in 1632.

Our take on the pastry consist of chocolate jaconde, almond crisp, cherry compote, chocolate bavaroise from Valrhona Manjari and cacao glaze. Of course, topped with a chocolate emblem representing the king in question. On sale in Bådan Café & Pâtisserie until Sunday November 10.

Read more about this Swedish tradition to commemorate “The Lion of the North” here >>



Save money with a combo ticket

We have three exhibitions running concurrently until November 24th, 2019, so it makes good sense to buy a combo ticket.

The combo ticket includes admission to the main exhibition, FORNASETTI Inside Out Outside In (regular price SEK 185), the Artbox installation Jan Håfström – The White Bus (regular price SEK 100) and the sculpture walk Sculpture in Nature (regular price SEK 50). The combo ticket costs just SEK 235 – you save SEK 100 compared to purchasing all the tickets separately.

See all our current prices here >>

Honey for purchase

Now you can buy this years’ honey in the shop.

The honey is made from bees living on the rooftop of Artipelag. The bees feed on the sedum that cover the roof. Weight 70 gram, price SEK 75.