Outdoor café

Starting from January 14th, 2021, an outdoor café is available outside Artipelag Restaurant, which is located on the top floor of the building.

Here you can get hot food, sweets, buns, pastries and of course coffee and tea. On weekends we light up the barbeque and have delicious grilled sausages for sale. This is also where you purchase tickets to the outdoor exhibition Sculpture in Nature.

The outdoor café is open Thursdays through Sundays between 11 am and 4 pm during the time Artipelag is closed indoors due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In order to get to the café, take the beach walk from the parking named Lillemor. If you arrive from the main entrance, take the path on the left leading to the opposite side of the building. You can also enter the building, walk upstairs and take the exit to the right.

During the opening hours of the outdoor café it is possible to access restrooms located inside Artipelag. Seating with cusions and blankets are available, and the area is cleared of snow and ice when necessary.

Hot dishes

Creamy soup on potato and Jerusalem artichoke served with sourdough croutons SEK 120 (gluten)
Artipelag’s goulash soup with smetana SEK 145 (rib, pork loin, root vegetables, sauerkraut)
Toast with cheese and ham SEK 65 (lactose, gluten)

Grilled sausages (only available on Saturdays and Sundays)

Thüringer bratwurst SEK 75
Jalapeño-cheese SEK 75 (gluten)
Grill sausage SEK 35
Vegetarian sausage SEK 65

The sausages are served with Artipelag’s homemade sausage bread (gluten) and a small buffet with mustard, ketchup, Dijon mayonnaise and roasted onion.


Semla bun small / large SEK 35 / 49 (gluten, lactose, egg, almond)
Cinnamon bun SEK 45 (lactose, gluten, egg, almond)
Cardamom bun SEK 45 (lactose, gluten, egg)
Lukewarm bread pudding with cardamom-vanilla sause SEK 55 (lactose, gluten, egg, almond)
Chocolate ball SEK 38 (gluten)
Dark chocolate praline SEK 30 (lactose)
Mazarine SEK 30 (gluten, lactose, egg, almond)
Carrot muffin with fresh cheese frost SEK 38 (gluten, lactose, egg)


Coffee or tea SEK 40
Hot apple cider (non alcoholic) from Värmdö Musteri SEK 40
Smakis SEK 25
Ramlösa sparkling water SEK 35

Information about the coronavirus

Due to the current extensive spread of covid-19, Artipelag will be closed indoors starting from January 11th, 2021, and until further notice. Artipelag will remain open outdoors Thursdays through Sundays between 11 am and 4 pm.

During opening hours, it is possible to visist the outdoor exhibition Sculpture in Nature, our outdoor café and the walking paths surrounding Artipelag. Restrooms are accessible.

Most of the walking paths are maintained every day, so it is possible to visit Artipelag also Mondays through Wednesdays. Please note that there are no restrooms available on these days.

Artipelag follows the directives and recommendations from the Public Health Authority of Sweden and Visita in order to make a visit as safe as possible. Should you have any further questions with regards to your visit at Artipelag kindly contact us via info@artipelag.se or call +46 (0)8–570 130 00.

Signature Women prolonged

The exhibition, which originally should have closed on Sunday September 27th, 2020, has been prolonged to Sunday November 29th.

Signature Women – 100 Years on the Swedish Art Scene opened on March 8th, but had to close after only a few weeks due to the situation with covid-19. It took almost three months until the exhibition could be reopened.

Read more about the exhibition here >>


Save money with a combo ticket

We have three exhibitions running concurrently, so it makes good sense to buy a combo ticket.

The combo ticket includes admission to the main exhibition, Signature Women – 100 Years on the Swedish Art Scene (regular price SEK 185), the Artbox installation Jan Håfström – The White Bus (regular price SEK 100) and the sculpture walk Sculpture in Nature (regular price SEK 50). The combo ticket costs just SEK 235 – you save SEK 100 compared to purchasing all the tickets separately.

See all our current prices here >>


Now there are two beehives from Skärgårdskupan (the archipelago beehive) on site at Artipelag. One on the meadow close to the parking Lillemor and one close to the path leading out to Jaume Plensa’s sculpture.

The hives are manufactured on Värmdö and should resemble the natural habitat of the honeybee, the tree trunk, but in a traditional box shape. They are made of natural materials such as wood, chipboard and flaxen and treated with cold pressed linseed oil. The legs have been singed to prevent rot against the ground. In each hive, approximately five to ten thousand bees reside.

More about the hives

The natural processes that takes place in a bee colony is recreated in Skärgårdskupan – among others, production of vital propolis and the natural antibiotic honey water. A massive, built-in wooden drum insulate and helps the bees with the important task of maintaining an even interior temperature, something that require an enormous amount of energy from the bees in traditional hives. By creating a better and more natural environment, less stress and the bees get a better resistance against diseases and harmful mite infections.

Skärgårdskupan is designed based on research that clearly shows the bees’ own ability to survive should the right conditions be given. With its unique design, Skärgårdskupan take the natural behaviour of the honeybee into account and only extract the honey the bee society can spare, in the attempt to create the ultimate beehive.

Skärgårdskupan allows extraction of honey, while protecting the continued survival of the honeybee and pollination of the plants.

Skärgårdskupan on Instagram >>

Open indoors again

After having been open only outdoors, we now open up indoors again.

As of June 25th, Artipelag will be open Thursdays to Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. This means that we welcome visitors to the exhibitions Signature Women – 100 years on the Swedish art scene and Jan Håfström – The White Bus.

The opening also includes the Design Shop and Bådan Café & Pâtisserie, where we offer wraps, salads, coffee and buns. Artipelag Restaurant, where we usually offer the gastro buffet, is still closed.

We take all precautions to avoid congestion across the building.

Read more about how Corona affects Artipelag >>

Guest marina

Our guest marina is now open and is free of charge. We can accommodate small as well as larger boats and kayaks.

Welcome to anchor this summer!


Buy or order the exhibition catalogue

The exhibition Signature Women – 100 years on the Swedish art scene is currently closed but you can still buy the exhibition catalogue. Either via regular mail or in our outdoor café which is open weekends.

The catalogue cost SEK 300 and is available both in Swedish and English. Postage included (for registered letter an additional cost of SEK 80). Payment via bank transfer or Swish. Delivery time approximately one week. Place your order at butik@artipelag.se.

The catalogue is also available in our outdoor café which is open during weekends. Here you can pay with your credit card.

Read more about the exhibition here >>

Upcoming installation by Alexander Ekman

On October 23rd, 2020, Artipelag will host the premiere of the new dance and film installation Vanmakt by the director and dance choreographer Alexander Ekman. The project has been made possible by Micael Bindefeld’s Foundation, by awarding Alexanders its annual grant.

What is it that makes us either to act, be quiet or just watch? How can we turn powerlessness and helplessness to bravery and civil courage? In Vanmakt Alexander examines the question on our own responsibility.

In an interview in Svenska Dagbladet, Alexander talks about the installation.

”It is a new artform. We will be in the Artbox at Artipelag. The idea is to show films on all walls, in front of them or against them, creating moments of different art forms. It can be dance, pictures, people who participate in different ways. A cross-fertilization between different media. It will be a system where subparts will be added continuously creating new. I work almost up to the premiere the last week in October. This is completely new to me and I have never done anything like this before.”

Micael Bindefeld Foundation annually awards a scholarship supporting those who wish to communicate, give information or in any form convey knowledge to a broad Swedish audience stories about the Holocaust. It is becoming more and more difficult to get testimony from the survivors of the Holocaust. Within the near future, no survivors (witnesses) will be alive and therefore the need to convey their stories will be more important than ever.

The motivation from the foundation on the choice of Alexander Ekman is:

”The 2020 Scholarship is awarded choreographer and director Alexander Ekman for his film installation on the major and complex questions evoked by the Holocaust. In this art project Alexander explores our helplessness, bravery and our civil courage and invite young people as well as adults to reflect on one’s own responsibility. By keeping not only the memory of the Holocaust alive, the project also raises awareness that it is possible for anyone and everyone to prevent something like this from happening again.”

Alexander Ekman is one of the absolute foremost choreographers of our time. He works on the big stages in Stockholm, Sydney, Paris, Berlin and New York and is acclaimed everywhere for his extraordinary and innovative productions.

Vanmakt has a world premiere on October 23rd and will run until November 22nd. The work is under development and therefore no tickets are available. More information about the work and tickets will be found on Artipelag’s homepage.

Pictured above: Micael Bindefeld, Alexander Ekman and Artipelag’s founders Björn and Lillemor Jakobson.