Exhibition pastry to Rolf Hanson – Retroactive

To the exhibition Rolf Hanson – Retroactive, our Head of Pastry Annie Hesselstad has designed a pastry inspired by the art.

The pastry is a milk chocolate bavaroise with an apricot compote flavoured with vanilla, hazelnut crisp on a base of hazelnut with browned butter. During the exhibition period – June 6 to November 28, 2021, the pastry can be purchased in Bådan Café & Pâtisserie and cost SEK 75.

– To create a pastry from Rolf Hanson’s art was in the beginning a bit of a challenge. I found patterns and shapes in many of his works that I have tried to replicate in the various levels of the pastry, as seen in the steps from the exhibition. The flavours originate from the colours in the art and the decorations are inspired by the patterns in the art works, says Annie.

For the enthusiastic pastry lover, a certain retroactivity can be found both in looks and flavour to previous exhibition pastries.

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Spring flowers

When visiting Artipelag during spring, you have an opportunity to really experience how the nature transforms from bare and cold to warm and green.

Watch how the buds burst out in bloom and how spring flowers such as wild pansy, wood anemone and pile wort peep out from the soil – some seen here and there, others cover entire fields with their colourful glory. We recommend that you take a slow walk along our beach path, either starting up by the meadow close to the parking called Lillemor, or start the walk from the sea entrance of the building.

However, be careful not to tread on the flowers or uproot them from the ground.

On the picture taken mid-May, you can see wild pansy, pile wort and wood anemone.

Information about the coronavirus

Artipelag is now open both indoors and outdoors Tuesday–Sunday, 11 am–5 pm.

The opening is in accordance with the guidelines and directives set by the Swedish Public Health Authorities for museums. The open activities consist of Bådan Café & Pâtisserie, an outdoor café, design shop, the indoor exhibition Rolf Hanson – Retroactive the outdoor exhibition Sculpture in Nature as well as the walking paths surrounding Artipelag. Our direct buses from Stockholm city are in operation and you can get here by Strömma Kanalbolaget’s boats from Nybrokajen.

Artipelag Restaurant, where we normally serve a gastro buffet, is until further notice closed. Activities such as meetings, events, weddings, photo sessions and private parties will not be possible during the pandemic.

Artipelag follows the directives and recommendations from the Public Health Authority of Sweden and Visita in order to make a visit as safe as possible. Should you have any further questions with regards to your visit at Artipelag kindly contact us via info@artipelag.se or call +46 (0)8–570 130 00.

Try our Mother’s Day pastry

For Mother’s Day 2021, our Head of Pastry, Annie Hesselstad has developed a delicious pastry for all mothers and those celebrating them.

The pastry consists of yoghurt mousse, compote of red currants, base of pistachio meringue and a pistachio crisp. Available for purchase in Bådan for SEK 65 from Friday–Sunday, May 28–30th.

Outdoor café

During the current pandemic, we have a complementary outdoor café open on weekends. Here you can buy grilled sausages, buns and of course coffee, tea and other drinks.

For those who prefer indoors, you are welcome to visit Bådan Café & Pâtisserie that offers a somewhat larger selection as well as beer and wine.

Please note that some products may be sold out before closing due to high demand. Should you have any questions, kindly contact us at restaurang@artipelag.se.


Cinnamon bun SEK 45 (lactose, gluten, egg, almond)
Cardamom bun SEK 45 (lactose, gluten, egg)

Grilled sausages

Thüringer bratwurst SEK 85
Jalapeño-cheese SEK 85 (gluten)
Grill sausage SEK 45
Vegetarian sausage SEK 65

The sausages are served together with Artipelag’s sausage bread (gluten) and a selection of condiments: mustard, ketchup, Dijon mayonnaise and roasted onion.


Coffee or tea SEK 40
Ramlösa SEK 35
Smakis SEK 25
Soda SEK 40

The beehives during the winter

What do our bees occupy themselves with now when it is dark, cold and there are no flowers? Mira Nilsson from Skärgårdskupan knows.

– During the winter, all honeybees cluster in something called a winter ball. The queen bee sits in the middle while the colony’s outer bees sit around her. By vibrating their wings, they generate heat and the beehive becomes warm. The outer bees rotate inside the ball and take turn in sitting in the outer layer of the ball. Inside the ball the temperature is 20–25°C while the rest of the ball is colder. The summer honey is their winter supply and the ball keep rotating as the honey is eaten, says Mira.

Artipelag’s beehives are produced by Skärgårdskupan here on Värmdö designed to replicate the natural habitat of the honeybee, the tree trunk, but in a traditional box shape. One beehive is placed on the meadow close to the parking Lillemor and one close to the path leading out to the sculpture by Jaume Plensa.

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Signature Women prolonged

The exhibition, which originally should have closed on Sunday September 27th, 2020, has been prolonged to Sunday November 29th.

Signature Women – 100 Years on the Swedish Art Scene opened on March 8th, but had to close after only a few weeks due to the situation with covid-19. It took almost three months until the exhibition could be reopened.

Read more about the exhibition here >>


Save money with a combo ticket

We have three exhibitions running concurrently, so it makes good sense to buy a combo ticket.

The combo ticket includes admission to the main exhibition, Signature Women – 100 Years on the Swedish Art Scene (regular price SEK 185), the Artbox installation Jan Håfström – The White Bus (regular price SEK 100) and the sculpture walk Sculpture in Nature (regular price SEK 50). The combo ticket costs just SEK 235 – you save SEK 100 compared to purchasing all the tickets separately.

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Now there are two beehives from Skärgårdskupan (the archipelago beehive) on site at Artipelag. One on the meadow close to the parking Lillemor and one close to the path leading out to Jaume Plensa’s sculpture.

The hives are manufactured on Värmdö and should resemble the natural habitat of the honeybee, the tree trunk, but in a traditional box shape. They are made of natural materials such as wood, chipboard and flaxen and treated with cold pressed linseed oil. The legs have been singed to prevent rot against the ground. In each hive, approximately five to ten thousand bees reside.

More about the hives

The natural processes that takes place in a bee colony is recreated in Skärgårdskupan – among others, production of vital propolis and the natural antibiotic honey water. A massive, built-in wooden drum insulate and helps the bees with the important task of maintaining an even interior temperature, something that require an enormous amount of energy from the bees in traditional hives. By creating a better and more natural environment, less stress and the bees get a better resistance against diseases and harmful mite infections.

Skärgårdskupan is designed based on research that clearly shows the bees’ own ability to survive should the right conditions be given. With its unique design, Skärgårdskupan take the natural behaviour of the honeybee into account and only extract the honey the bee society can spare, in the attempt to create the ultimate beehive.

Skärgårdskupan allows extraction of honey, while protecting the continued survival of the honeybee and pollination of the plants.

Skärgårdskupan on Instagram >>

Open indoors again

After having been open only outdoors, we now open up indoors again.

As of June 25th, Artipelag will be open Thursdays to Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. This means that we welcome visitors to the exhibitions Signature Women – 100 years on the Swedish art scene and Jan Håfström – The White Bus.

The opening also includes the Design Shop and Bådan Café & Pâtisserie, where we offer wraps, salads, coffee and buns. Artipelag Restaurant, where we usually offer the gastro buffet, is still closed.

We take all precautions to avoid congestion across the building.

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