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We offer top-notch restaurants, exciting architecture, and flexible spaces for memorable meetings, conferences, parties, dinners and events.

Artipelag is situated just a quick trip from Stockholm city, and can be easily accessed by bus, car or boat. The building features open spaces and large windows that perfectly blend with the beautiful archipelago outside. This makes it a great location for various types of meetings and events where the surrounding environment is important.

Small to large meetings and events

Artipelag is suitable for both small day conferences and big events.

Our small pavilions, each with their own glass patio overlooking the archipelago, are perfect for hosting smaller meetings. Alternatively, you could book the beautiful Artist Room, which can accommodate up to 100 participants and features its own entrance, patio, and panoramic windows overlooking the water and piers.

The Artbox is suited for larger meetings and events, accommodating 100 to 1,100 participants. It is an ideal event venue for those who want Artipelag's stunning architecture and location without any restrictions.

Why not enhance your conference experience by visiting one of our art exhibitions, with or without a guide.

Regardless of the purpose of your meeting, you always get to experience Stockholm archipelago, see our artworks in our outdoor collection and unique architecture in harmony with the surrounding nature

You can easily reach us at or +46 (0)8 570 130 60 during business hours on weekdays.

Our venues

Biosittning framför scen i lokalen Artbox

Artbox event hall.

1 200 square metres of possibilities for large events, kick-offs or conferences. The space has several special advantages. Here you can room a mingle for 1,200 people or a cinema seating for 1,100 people.

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Nedsläckt Artbox som är helt tom

Artipelag exclusive.

We make Artipelag all yours – book the entire Artipelag and get unique exclusivity!

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Artipelag restaurant.

On the third floor you will find Artipelag Restaurant with an extensive sea view. The surroundings are equally beautiful all year round, and in the summer, guests can sit on the large terrace.

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Foto av uppradade stolar samt ståbord

The artist room.

Located on the first floor is the Artist Room with a separate entrance and its own outside space. Here artists, speakers and other guests can get an experience out of the ordinary.

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A restaurant and café on the second floor with a large terrace and the huge Gneiss rock in front of the floor to ceiling windows. The space is beautifully decorated with tables and chairs from Artipelag’s own design series November.

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Grupp med bord och stolar på Björns golv vid fönstret med utsikt mot skogen

Björn's floor.

On the third floor, in connection to Artipelag Restaurant, you will find Björn’s Lounge. In this space we can arrange a drink or a mingle in a relaxed, lounge environment.

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A room for a conference, management meeting or for a dinner. The room is well suited for 16 dining people.

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Foajén helt tom sedd från trappan

The entrance hall.

This room is perfectly suited for arranging gala dinners and cocktail parties. It is also excellent for larger groups to mingle during a conference or an event.

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Kärlekens vindar med middagsdukning och utsikt

Pavilion 4.

This corner pavilion is situated in connection to Artipelag Restaurant. The private room has a view over Baggensfjärden bay and a private terrace with a roof.

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Paviljong med middagsdukning

Pavillion 1-3.

On the top floor of the building you will find our beautiful pavilions, all of them are equipped with private patios.

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Biosittning i Studion

The studio.

This is a flexible room with several set up possibilities for meetings, workshops and private events.

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Trappan till takterrassen kvällstid

The rooftop terrace.

Aim high and give the participants a unique experience, just as breathtaking during the day as in the evening! The rooftop terrace is perfect for a mingle.

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Examples of what we can offer

Dekorationer vid Roca Productions evenemang 2019

Previous events.

Examples of what it has looked like at some of our previous events, conferences and parties.

Get Inspiration


Combine your visit to Artipelag with a customised activity that connects to the energy of your event or conference.

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The Artipelag experience can begin before you even arrive depending on your choice of transport.

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Day conferences.

Artipelag is a place that opens up the senses for new ideas to form. Switch up your workplace for a day and gain new inspiration and energy.

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Dinner and party.

Grand mingling in the foyer, entertainment in the Artbox or a smaller dinner in the restaurant? We promise you an unforgettable evening.

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Entrégården med molnig himmel

Location for photo and film.

Artipelag is one of Stockholms most popular places for photography and film. The forest and water combined with Artipelag's award-winning architecture is an excellent location for companies and organisations looking to communicate style and elegance.

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