Artipelag Restaurant

With its unbeatable location above Baggensfjärdden, the Artipelag Restaurant can be found at the top of the building, on the third floor. Everything – from the dining room with its magnificent floors, to the beautiful custom-made furniture and large panoramic windows – breathes peace and harmony.  

During May, Artipelag Restaurant is open on Saturdays and Sundays between 11.30 am– 5 pm.
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We continue to be available for group reservations and on special occasions. To make a reservation, or for more information, please contact

“Art and architecture. And the food is just as beautiful.”
White Guide 2017


Á la carte may

Skagen “Original” Full SEK 225  Half SEK 145
Served with buttered toast, Kalix bleek roe, a small salad and lemon.

Nettle soap SEK 155
Served with butter, bread, cheese and croutons.

Baked char SEK 245
Served with Sandefjord sauce, bleek roe, garlic mustard and green asparagus.

Primeur salad SEK 225
Served with chicken from Marieberg, early vegetables, avocado and sauce verte.

Rhubarb pie SEK 95
Served with homemade vanilla ice cream.

Fresh cheese mousse SEK 95
Served with lemon cream, fresh raspberries and sugary diced wheat.