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About Artipelag

The name ’Artipelag’ is a combination of Art, Activities and Archipelago. It says a lot about what we can offer, but it does not tell it all. Our intention has been to create a destination of high international quality – with boundary-crossing art exhibits, inspiring activities and great food.

Listen to founder Björn Jakobson telling the story behind Artipelag.

There is ample space here – about 32,000 square feet – for a large art hall and a shop with our own custom-designed products. The site also boasts our Artbox, an enormous concert, event and studio locale of 13,000 square feet with accompanying artists’ space. There are also activity spaces for children and youngsters, conference rooms of varying sizes and two restaurants – both with outdoor serving and magnificent sea views.

The Background

In the year 2000, Björn Jakobson, founder of the well-known company, “BabyBjörn”, was struck with the idea of creating a beautiful building for art and cultural experiences somewhere in the Stockholm archipelago. Maybe he considered it a means of, after many profitable years in Swedish business, manifesting his own deep interest in nature and combining that with his wife Lillemor’s background in art and design.
Maybe he wanted to repay something of all that he had, throughout a long life in the archipelago and during numerous sailing and skiing trips, been able to experience. Whichever the case, now everyone can enjoy the results of his vision at the wonderful Hålludden by Baggen’s Bay in Värmdö.

Björn Jakobson

The Nature

The place itself was chosen with greatest care. We searched for a location that was close to Stockholm, but which still had everything that characterized the unique Swedish archipelago – fresh clean air, sparkling water, rocks and cliffs, beaches, and an abundance of plant and animal life. Here at Hålludden, about 12 miles east of Stockholm, we found our dream landscape. If one wishes to stroll freely along the nature trails, there is plenty of space; the grounds are equal to 36 football fields – 54 acres all in all. Additionally, there is a long stretch of beautiful, wide wooden footpaths that lead all the way from the docks, through the diverse landscape, and up to the main building. Now, those who are physically disabled can also access the pristine archipelago nature.

The Architecture

The building is comparable in size to Sweden’s largest state-owned museums and art exhibition institutions.  Despite this, architect Johan Nyrén has managed to design a building in harmony with the natural surroundings, dressed in bevelled pitched-pine planks, and carefully located between the pine trees and the cliffs with a view over Baggen’s Bay. One of the fundamental ideas was that as soon as a visitor came into the entrance hall, he or she would be met by the four elements: fire crackling in the fireplace; earth and the rock on which the building rests; the clear air and the sparkling water that surrounds and frames the site.
Artipelag has much to offer for those who are interested in nature and architecture: the walkway leading up to the Sedum-plant-covered roof, the huge rock in the restaurant, and the beautiful sloping walls of the smaller art rooms. Many believe that Johan Nyrén, with his last work, will make international architectural history.

Art Gallery

With its 32,000 square feet, Artipelag is one of Stockholm’s largest art galleries. The following parts are included:
A large exhibition room of about 11,000 square feet with a 213-foot-long side facing the water.
Four exhibition rooms designed with distinctive architectural features. The so called ”Johan ” are situated facing north, which offers lovely lighting for the exhibited artworks. The rooms also simultaneously fulfill the latest requirements concerning climate, safety, and function for the exhibition of art.
A 13,000 square foot Artbox with a 39-foot high ceiling. Here in the Artbox, cultural activities like art exhibitions, opera performances, TV-recording/broadcasting, and banquets, can take place with an audience of up to 1,000 guests.

The Artbox

This amazing and versatile hall can be used for a lot of different activities, such as international conferences, presentations, product launching, studio recordings for large orchestras, film, TV and commercial production and big scale events. You will find that the beautiful surroundings of Artipelag create the most excellent location for your future activities. In connection with the Artbox there are artists’ spaces of about 4,200 square feet. They include 11 dressing rooms, make-up tables, costume rooms, and a meeting/lounge area with a private terrace and a view over the water. Of course there is also kitchen access, showers, and restrooms.
General Facts about the Artbox
Dimensions: 1,200 sqm (30×40) with a ceiling height of 12 m. Some technical equipment is available for hire. Auditorium seating: 1,100 people. Round tables: 660 people.  Long tables: 840 people.

Artbox eventhall

The Coastal walk

Artipelag is in many ways a unique site, not least due to its beautiful Coastal boardwalk. These wide wooden footpaths, made of Larchwood, stretch over 800 m of terrain from the lower parking areas, via the boat landing dock, and up to the building’s west entrance. Here, everyone – even those who are handicapped or families with baby carriages – can comfortably journey through primeval woods, over the rocks, and alongside the open, glittering water.


Up through the floor of our Café & Pâtisserie rises a huge rock, or ”båda” in local archipelago-speak. It consists of metamorphic Gneiss rock originating about 2 billion years ago. When the last land glaciers retreated about 11 thousand years ago, Bådan was eroded to its current rounded shape. At the same time, the ground began to rise, resulting in nature’s own artwork, Bådan, emerging out of the sea circa 1,000 BC. We are proud to have it as a permanent part of our exhibition. The candleholders, ”Nature’s Power” are made by Siri Seger.

General Facts about Artipelag

The property: 22 hectares, pasture and bare rock.
The building: 10,400 sqm on 3 levels.
Art Gallery: 1,800 sqm.
Artbox: 1,200 sqm (30×40) with a ceiling height of 12 m.
Backstage area: 390 sqm with 11 dressing-rooms, make-up section, lobby with pantry and private balcony.
Restaurants: Bådan Café & Pâtisserie and Artipelag Restaurant, both with outdoor seating.
Conference rooms: 8.
Toilets: 47.
Parking: Some 350 spaces.
Piers: Passenger ferry pier and a guest marina for private boats.
Other: A boardwalk accessible to visitors with impaired mobility stretches for nearly 1 km from the car park, via the piers, to the western entrance of the building. Several woodchip nature trails of varying lengths. A footbridge leading to the roof of the building.