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NOTE! On Sunday 23rd of June Artipelag closes at 3 p.m.


Make your event or conference even more special by adding a customized activity that perfectly complements the atmosphere of your gathering. Immerse yourself in the beauty of art, nature, design, and architecture, and experience a unique blend of professionalism and culture at Artipelag.

Please contact us with your requests relating to any activities we offer – we have heaps of ideas, possibilities, and rooms – both indoors and out – to make a visit to Artipelag exceed your expectations!

Here are some examples of activities that we can provide.

Guided tours

Artipelag always has several different art exhibitions to experience for those who have booked a meeting, conference or event. We strongly recommend booking one of our skilled art guides for a guided viewing. It gives your group an even greater opportunity to experience the artwork and understand the artist. But we also have guided tours of Artipelag’s unique architecture and nature, or why not in combination?

Contact us at to get proposals and prices.

Skulptur – Bigert & Bergström: Solar Egg

Ice sculpting.

Ice sculpting is a relaxed and fun-filled activity that fosters great team spirit among participants. This creative activity can be enjoyed all year round.

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With Brush in Hand

With a brush in the hand.

In small groups, using acrylic paints, you will create beautiful and imaginative paintings with inspiration from the nearby environment, or from a group-chosen theme.

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Code Break.

30 codes are hidden around you – find them and complete your mission! Code Break is a fast-paced activity that allows you to work in teams and to use your interpersonal skills under time pressure.

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employeeship with Öppet Hav


In today´s ever changing world the demands on the organization and co-workers are higher than ever. We have created group dynamic excercises that requires engagement, trust, communication and cooperation.

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Music Game.

Music Game is a team event where participants enjoy music and answer questions during the coffee/apertif break.

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Travel by RIB.

Make transportation an experience! You cannot escape the exhileration that comes when you ride an RIB. (Rigid Inflatable Boat).

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