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With RIB Transport, we can take you more or less directly to your desired destination. Journey time varies depending on distance, weather conditions, any applicable lock times, etc.

RIB transport means that you go more or less straight to the chosen destination, in this case Artipelag.

Our experienced RIB drivers will take you safely and securely through the archipelago as smoothly as if it were their own backyard. When you choose to travel with Open Sea on a chartered RIB, you will have the singular joy of experiencing one of the archipelago’s fastest and most beautiful boat trips. A RIB journey is often accompanied by a euphoric feeling described as ”like flying above the surface of the water”.

Each RIB holds a maximum of 12 people

Prices "early bird", one way trip
Departure Start between 6–8 am
Starting fee per boatSEK 8 000
Price per personSEK 295
Prices any time, one way trip
Starting fee per boatSEK 10 000
Price per personSEK 295
Prices any time, 2-way trip
Starting fee per boatSEK 18 000
Price per personSEK 595