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employeeship with Öppet Hav


In today´s ever changing world the demands on the organization and co-workers are higher than ever. We have created group dynamic excercises that requires engagement, trust, communication and cooperation.

Involve – Everyone is needed in ”The knot” to succesfully complete the task. Everyone is holding their hands around a rope as they shall make a knot on the middle of the rope.

Trust – ”Acid river” is all about trust and team work. The group shall cross a river of acid without loosing anything or anyone in the toxic river.

Communicate – The participants will become aware of how hard and important good communication really is. Can they make a perfect square in pitch black conditions?

Co-operate – ”The hook” requires perfect co-operation. What one person does affects everyone else. The mission is to move objects from one place to another.

Starting fee SEK 7000
Price per personSEK 295
LengthAround one hour

All prices are excluding VAT. Arranged in collaboration with Öppet Hav. More information at our contractors' product fact sheet.