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The initial plans were drawn up twelve years ago and Artipelag will soon be a reality. The idea was to create an international meeting place where art exhibitions, inspiring cultural activities, Swedish design, and good food could live side by side with the beautiful Swedish archipelago environment. Artipelag is located on Hålludden, which is on Värmdö Island, about 12 miles east of Stockholm.

Deceased architect Johan Nyrén drew the plans for the structure, which is carefully placed amongst the pines and cliffs with a magnificent view over Baggensfjärden (Baggen’s Bay). The façade is dressed in pitched pine planks and the roof is covered with Sedum plants.

The art buildings are laid out as follows:

  1. A large art hall of about 11,000 square feet with a 213-foot long side facing the water.
  2. “Johan Nyrén’s Art Rooms” are exhibition halls designed with special architectural features and sensuous walls that welcome the visitor. The rooms are beautifully situated facing north, which offers lovely lighting for the exhibited artworks. The rooms also simultaneously fulfil the latest requirements concerning climate, safety, and function for the exhibition of art.
  3. A 13,000 square foot Artbox with a 39-foot high ceiling. Here in the Artbox, cultural activities like art exhibitions, opera performances, TV-broadcasting, and banquets can take place before an audience of up to 1,000 guests.
  4. Artists’ space of about 4,200 square feet including 11 dressing rooms, 11 make-up tables, costume rooms, and a meeting room with a view over the water. There are also kitchens, showers, and toilets.

Artipelag art hall plans to work with boundary-crossing exhibits of classical as well as modern and contemporary art, in addition to art’s interface with arts and crafts. The opening exhibition is titled, “Platsens Själ” (Genius Loci). The exhibition, which is open until 30 September, is an attempt to articulate Artipelag’s unique blending of nature and architecture through artistic form.

During the opening week, the King’s Royal Opera will perform for the first time a specially written work by composer Anders Eliasson with the libretto of Bengt-Emil Johnsson. “Karolinas Sömn” (Karolina’s Sleep) will be performed by opera singer Lena Hoel along with musicians from the Royal Orchestra. In relation to “Karolinas Sömn”, glass artworks by Bertil Vallien will be on display at Artipelag.

Artipelag will be synonymous for different types of experiences. Beside cultural activities, good food will be served in two restaurants that both have magnificent views over Baggensfjärden. One of the restaurants, called “Bådan”, seats about 250 guests with accompanying outdoor serving. The visitor can choose food from the buffet or just drink coffee here. The other restaurant, “Baggen”, offers table service inside and outside for about 180-seated guests. A design boutique will also be selling our own well-designed products.


  • The name Artipelag is a combination of the words: Art, Activities, and Archipelago
  • The building includes art halls, the Artbox (suited for art exhibitions but also for performances and other activities), large artists’ space with dressing rooms, conference rooms, a boutique, 2 restaurants with outdoor serving, and large storage and technical areas
  • Walking trails that lead through the forest terrain, the meadowland and on the rocks
  • A range of activities for children and youths
  • A dock for anchoring passenger boats from Stockholm, amongst other places
  • Bus line from Stockholm City as well as from Gustavsberg.
  • Planned boat dock for visiting recreational boats


  • Site: 54 acres of forest, meadow, and mountain land
  • Building: about 108,000 sq. ft. divided on three levels
  • Art halls: about 32,000 sq. ft. on a single level
  • Artbox: about 13,000 sq. ft. with a 39-foot high ceiling. The audio-environment is suitable for everything from conferences and events to concerts with up to 1,000 public seats
  • Artists’ space: 4,198 sq. ft. with 11 dressing rooms, make-up and costume areas, and lounge with private balcony
  • Design Boutique: 1,830 sq. ft. with a focus on our own and Scandinavian-designed products
  • Conference Rooms: 8, with the smallest seating 10 people and the largest seating 800.
  • Toilets: 47
  • Slightly more than half a mile of handicapped-friendly walkways that stretch along the waterside from the main parking area, past the boat dock, and on to the main building
  • Car Parking: 350 spaces


Maria Rosén,, mob: +46 72 244 22 38