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Summer’s Design Exhibition at Artipelag

On display in the Artbox 14 June – 21 August 2013 at Artipelag art hall, Värmdö

Curator: Staffan Bengtsson

Staffan Bengtsson is also a known TV producer of form-design programs such as K-Märkt and Bästa Formen on Sveriges Television. Most recently, he produced a K Special on new Norwegian architecture and he is currently the chief editor of the design magazine BRUNO.

Designers and architects have traditionally been inspired by nature and used wood as an important design material. Amongst Swedish designers, the popularity of wood has waxed and waned over time – culminating in the hysterical 1970s pine mania, when every kitchen table was made of a thick solid wood top and untreated pine was the finest one could have. Then, for a long period of time, wood became just about banned by designers. Pine-haters took over. But now, in the wake of ecological and environmental awareness, the woods have become house-trained and trendy again and designers – not just in Sweden but everywhere – have taken wood to new heights.

In Artipelag’s nearly 13,000 sq ft large Artbox, we let the woods into the drawing room, mix the high with the low, house with milking stool, boats with playhouses, and particleboard with hardwood. The exhibition features design objects from both relatively well-established Swedish designers in wood – such as Folkform and Jens Fager – to new, innovative rookies that have just finished their education at Konstfack (College of Arts) and Carl Malmstensskolan (Carl Malmsten’s School). Half of the designers included in the exhibition are women – a noteworthy achievement in an area of design that is otherwise normally male-dominated to the extreme.

Premiere showing of the world’s smallest house in wood, designed by Daniel Franzén.

Objects by John Kandell, who is possibly Sweden’s foremost furniture sculpture of all time, will be shown for the first time in a separate retrospective.

During summer, visitors can book a night’s stay in a tree hut – a temporary hotel room in the woods at Artipelag – designed by architects Kerstin Bernow and Andreas Wallin.

On Saturday 15 June, Cecilia Cronelid will show her “Building Pieces” where she and visitors both big and small will try to build their own unique objects in wood.

Exhibition participants:

Åke Axelsson, Sara Barazande, Pia Besell, Jonas Bohlin, Cecilia Cronelid, Lukas Dahlén, Matilda Dahlquist, Jens Fager, Lies-Marie Hoffman, Folkform, Form U W Love, Daniel Franzén, Front, Julia Gamborg Nielsen, Anki Gneib, HAGS, Theresa Harmanen, Lisa Hilland,Staffan Holm, John Kandell, Karlsson & Björk, Anna Kraitz, Johan Lindsten, Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson, o4i, Emma Olbers, Gustav Person, Thomas Sandell, Snickeriet/Karin Wallenbeck & Karl-Johan Hjerling, Lars Stensö, Daniel Svahn, TAF/Mattias Stålhbom, Mats Theselius, UglyCute

Watch the film:

Catalogue: In connection with the One, Two, Tree! exhibition, a catalogue will be produced and sold. 252 pages, richly illustrated limited edition.

Press Showing: Welcome to the press showing Thursday 13 June, 11 a.m. – 1p.m.

We will be offering a light lunch.

Transportation to Artipelag: Free Artipelag bus departs at. 10:30 a.m. from Vasagatan outside of Central Station.

Transportation from Artipelag departs at 1:30 p.m. to Vasagatan.

By car from Stockholm: the car drive from central Stockholm takes about 20 minutes. Take route 222 towards Gustavsberg and follow the signs.

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