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The Monochrome Symphony


The Monochrome Symphony – Single-coloured constellations of art, design, fashion and music.
16 October 2015 – 28 March 2016

Bo Nilsson, Art Director, Artipelag, Frida Andersson, Curator, Artipelag and Cay Bond (fashion).

In 1915, Kazimir Malevich painted his monochrome painting Black Square, the first monochrome in the history of art, and also an end point in Malevich’s futuristic and Cubist explorations and search for an art form where material and spiritual forces constituted an overall solution.

During the Russian revolution, Malevich and his colleagues in the Russian avant-garde expanded the concept of art to also include all forms of art in a Gesamtkunstwerk.

In the exhibition The Monochrome Symphony, we have chosen to include references from design, fashion and music in order to highlight the role of the monochrome in our time.

Malevich and his monochrome has become a prototype for the radical aesthetic that has been a groundswell in the modern epoch.

Today, 100 years after it first appeared, the monochrome tendency remains a strong presence in art, design and fashion.

Perhaps it says something about the increased fragmentation and specialisation of our time, which makes it impossible to have a total experience of life. The monochrome attempts to counteract this tendency.

In conjunction with the exhibition, an illustrated handout will be produced comprising short texts on the exhibition and the participating artists and also a comprehensive digital publication, in Swedish and English, including in-depth information on each artist and additional material.

The digital publication will be available in the exhibition galleries and can be downloaded for free.

Playlists compiled by Soundtrack Your Brand accompany the exhibition.

A Kassen (Denmark)
Harpa Árnadóttir (Iceland)
Uta Barth (Germany)
Georg Baselitz (Germany)
Håkan Bengtsson (Sweden)
Jonas Bohlin and Thomas Sandell (Sweden)
Angela de la Cruz (Spain)
Lucio Fontana (Italy)
Jennifer Forsberg (Sweden)
Paul Fägerskiöld (Sweden)
Denise Grünstein (Sweden)
Ann Cathrin November Høibo (Norway)
Per Bak Jensen (Denmark)
Donald Judd (USA)
Yves Klein (France)
Anders Knutsson (Sweden/USA)
Jannis Kounellis (Italy)
Runo Lagomarsino (Sweden)
Jason Martin (England)
Truls Melin (Sweden)
Maria Miesenberger (Sweden)
A.R. Penck (Germany)
Arnulf Rainer (Austria)
Riiko Sakkinen (Finland)
Tony Smith (USA)
Erik Steffensen (Denmark)
David Svensson (Sweden)
Pia Wallén (Sweden)
Pia Wallén and Felix Roll (Sweden)
Ilija Wyller (Norway)
Yohji Yamamoto (Japan)
Cajsa von Zeipel (Sweden)

PRESS CONTACT: Maria Rosén +46 72 244 22 38