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Exhibition pastry for “Rolf Hanson – Retroactive”

For the exhibition Rolf Hanson – Retroactive, our Pâtisserie, headed by Annie Hesselstad, has created a pastry inspired by the art.

The pastry is a milk chocolate bavaroise with an apricot compote flavoured with vanilla, hazelnut crisp on a base of hazelnut with browned butter. During the exhibition period – June 6 to November 28, 2021, the pastry can be purchased in Bådan Café & Pâtisserie and cost SEK 75.

– To create a pastry from Rolf Hanson’s art was in the beginning a bit of a challenge. I found patterns and shapes in many of his works that I have tried to replicate in the various levels of the pastry, as seen in the steps from the exhibition. The flavours originate from the colours in the art and the decorations are inspired by the patterns in the art works, says Annie.

For an enthusiastic pastry lover, a certain retroactivity can be found both in looks and flavour to previous exhibition pastries.