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Artipelag’s Head of Pastry, Annie Hesselstad, Creates the Nobel Dessert for the Second Consecutive Year

After a long wait, it is finally official that Artipelag's head of pastry, Annie Hesselstad, is responsible for the dessert at the 2023 Nobel Banquet, a task she performs for the second consecutive year. What the guests were served was officially revealed once all guests were seated in the Blue Hall at the City Hall on December 10 at 7 pm. 

Annie Hesselstad, Artipelags chefskonditor tillika 2023 års Nobelkonditor
Photo: Dan Lepp

The inquiry about whether Annie Hesselstad wanted to be responsible for the Nobel dessert for the second year came on a leisurely spring day just as she was heading out to the ski slopes. When she saw who was calling, she wondered, “What if I get the question again this year?”

– I did not take it for granted, and I feel incredibly honoured to have been entrusted for another year. Since the whole journey last year was such a fantastic experience, I didn’t hesitate to say yes, even though December is a hectic month with the Nobel dessert and Christmas buffets at Artipelag.

The Nobel Dessert of 2023

The dessert consisted of a baked chocolate cream with a compôte made of lingonberries from Mockträsk outside Boden, flavoured with tar syrup. This was accompanied with a chocolate sablé and lingonberry toffee, accompanied by meringues and cream made of lingonberries and a fresh crème fraiche parfait.

The Nobeldessert of 2023 made by Artipelag's Head of pastry, Annie Hesselstad.
The Nobel Dessert of 2023. Photo: Dan Lepp

– The dessert is a tribute to Sweden with flavors and producers from north to south where northern lingonberries take center stage, says Annie Hesselstad.

The warm-up to the Nobel Banqueteffort

Annie has carried out the preparations for this year’s Nobel dessert on her own.

– I have more knowledge now and feel a greater sense of calm about this year’s task. I am incredibly grateful and happy to have almost the same pastry team with me at City Hall again this year. It’s going to be very fun!

– This year’s Nobel chef, Jacob Holmström, is someone I know and have wanted to work with for a long time. He is reliable and calm, and it feels super fun that we finally get to work together.

However, the solo work has involved a great deal of secrecy as there has been no one to bounce ideas and thoughts with. Among other things, Annie reveals that her colleagues in the pastry kitchen at Artipelag thought she was getting married because the planning assignment was referred to as “The Wedding.”

Artipelag’s janitorial services have been involved in the preparations, helping to build a structure for this year’s Nobel dessert. Of course, they have been entirely unaware of what the structure would be used for.

The 2023 Nobel Dessert will be presented on December 10 at 7 pm.

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