Art Exhibitions that Cross Boundaries

It could be considered a bit excessive to open yet another art exhibition institution in an area that is already bursting with new art museums, galleries and exhibition projects that have opened within the last few years. Artipelag is however quite different in that it has a unique direction and focus.

A visitor of Artipelag will be surprised by the diversity of the exhibitions, which can encompass classical paintings alongside the modern masters and their contemporary colleagues. It is our ambition to blur the concept of time in a visual marriage that bridges the years, whereby the past and the present are no longer mutually exclusive.

Our primary goal is not only to produce thought-provoking exhibits but also to expand and enrich on the very ideal of an exhibition, where knowledge and experience must go hand in hand. These two aspects originate in the changing composition of today’s audiences, which has become ever more diverse. Artipelag will strive to attract as wide a public audience as possible. Both visitors from afar and those from nearby will be equally welcome.

It is also Artipelag’s ambition to appeal to a wide variety of people and differing age groups, which will call for the ability to educate and to communicate in various methods. We work with exhibition hosts who, with their own personal style and skill for speaking, are appreciated by many. We also offer visitors to seek the knowledge themselves, through the aid of digital tools. The printed catalogue with its dialogue between image and text is still an unsurpassed means for in-depth learning. It is our ambition to customize educational tools that will both provoke, interest and cultivate knowledge to all of our visitors.

Welcome to Artipelag!

Bo Nilsson, Artistic Director

Our Hosts and Guides Are Provided for Your Art Experience

At Artipelag, our exhibition hosts are educated artists and art historians that are here to mediate information about the art to our visitors in the best possible manner. They are also available to help with practical information about visiting Artipelag.