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Scen och publik vid Gyllene Hjulet 2017

The Golden Wheel 2017

On April 27th, 2017 the Golden Wheel celebrated its 20th anniversary at Artipelag. It was a gala night filled with creative meetings, a brilliant awards ceremony, and nature-inspired food. The evening ended in the foyer with a magnificent view of Baggensfjärden and dancing all the way into the wee hours.

Half of the guests arrived at Artipelag in the afternoon. In the Art Gallery, the nominated members of a live jury were presented with a scene from Edmund de Waal's artwork Atmosphere.During the break, canapés were served to all guests in the entrance hall along with beer from Värmdö Brewery.

The remaining guests arrived for a welcome drink in the foyer before the doors of the Artbox were opened and the awards ceremony began with host Gina Dirawi. The evening’s menu had the theme ”A Walk Around Artipelag” and consisted of beautifully decorated tabletops with inspiration from Artipelag’s incomparable nature. The raw materials that were served were mainly from local suppliers in Värmdö, and corresponding flavours (such as wild onion and juniper) had been gathered from Artipelag’s grounds. For the main course, young cockerel from Tockafarmen were served with the spring’s first vegetables, fresh potatoes in layers, and nettle juice. Dessert was specially designed and prepared by Artipelag’s own pastry chef Fredrik Otterberg. It was made with rhubarb, fennel, beetroot, and strawberries, capped with a golden wheel made out of chocolate.

The Awards Ceremony and entertainment took place throughout dinner and included performances by Ola Salo, Joy, Naomi Pilgrim and D1gits. The evening ended with a lively after party with a DJ and bar in the entrance hall overlooking the sparkling waters of Baggensfjärden.

Facts about The Golden Wheel

  • The Golden Wheel is an annual Swedish gala aimed at celebrating the very best Swedish projects within the Event and Sponsorship industry.
  • A total of 600 guests attended the 2017 gala held in the entrance hall and Artbox at Artipelag.
  • The Sponsorship & Event Association organised this year’s evening.
  • Among the 600 guests were members of the country’s leading agencies, buyers, suppliers, arenas, and destination developers.
  • Photos on this page: Jonas Borg
Mötesvärd Gina Dirawi på Gyllene Hjulet 2017
Gyllene hjulet 2017
DJ i foajén på Gyllene Hjulet 2017
Ola Salo framträder på Gyllene Hjulet 2017
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”Thank you Artipelag for organising the 20th anniversary of The Golden Wheel. You have shown, in a superb way, that Artipelag is a place where you can gather large crowds for huge experiences. With a high level of service, great location, and a wonderful dining experience, I can’t wait to come back!”

– Niklas Birgetz, CEO Sponsorship & Events Association

”Artipelag is, from several perspectives, an amazing partner for an event organiser. With amazing premises, a beautiful location and a stunning dining experience – in addition to staff with a very high level of knowledge and dedication – Artipelag has been a pure pleasure to work with. I would say that Artipelag is a venue for B2B events that has unique opportunities that few can match.”

– Mattias Walfridsson, CEO Heja!

”At Artipelag we want to offer something for all the senses. Partly an environment that is soothing and provides space for reflection, and partly an environment that has all the modern technical and practical conditions required to carry out both smaller and larger events.”

– Anna Breitholtz, Project Leader for Meetings & Events at Artipelag