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NOTE! On Sunday 23rd of June Artipelag closes at 3 p.m.

Ticket release Underart


Tickets released for Cirkus Cirkör’s Underart – Ode to a crash landing

Artipelag is proud to one again cooperate with Cirkus Cirkör. December 26th is the Artipelag-premiere for the critically acclaimed performance Underart which will be played at 14 occasions in the Artipelag Artbox.
Today, September 25th the tickets are released.

Directed and conceived by: Olle Strandberg


A crash. An earthshaking, overwhelming bang that could signal the end. But instead it becomes a fresh start, a way forward. Underart is an ode to what happens after a crash landing. To what happens thanks to a crash landing.

I Underart medverkar sju cirkusartister och musiker som blandar balansakter, akrobatik och intensiva fikapauser med specialskriven livemusik.

Olle Strandberg has a background in acrobatics and juggling. In December 2005 he broke his neck doing a triple somersault and was paralyzed from the neck down.Today Olle Strandberg is fully recovered and Underart, is based on his own story.

Underart at Artipelag
Performance dates December 26 2015 – January 17 2016
Tickets at
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