Foto av vår den gulaschsoppa och grönsakssoppa som säljs i utecaféet

Outdoor café

Starting from January 14th, 2021, an outdoor café is available outside Artipelag Restaurant, which is located on the top floor of the building.

Here you can get hot food, sweets, buns, pastries and of course coffee and tea. On weekends we light up the barbeque and have delicious grilled sausages for sale. This is also where you purchase tickets to the outdoor exhibition Sculpture in Nature.

The outdoor café is open Thursdays through Sundays between 11 am and 4 pm during the time Artipelag is closed indoors due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In order to get to the café, take the beach walk from the parking named Lillemor. If you arrive from the main entrance, take the path on the left leading to the opposite side of the building. You can also enter the building, walk upstairs and take the exit to the right.

During the opening hours of the outdoor café it is possible to access restrooms located inside Artipelag. Seating with cusions and blankets are available, and the area is cleared of snow and ice when necessary.

Hot dishes

Creamy soup on potato and Jerusalem artichoke served with sourdough croutons SEK 120 (gluten)
Artipelag’s goulash soup with smetana SEK 145 (rib, pork loin, root vegetables, sauerkraut)
Toast with cheese and ham SEK 65 (lactose, gluten)

Grilled sausages (only available on Saturdays and Sundays)

Thüringer bratwurst SEK 75
Jalapeño-cheese SEK 75 (gluten)
Grill sausage SEK 35
Vegetarian sausage SEK 65

The sausages are served with Artipelag’s homemade sausage bread (gluten) and a small buffet with mustard, ketchup, Dijon mayonnaise and roasted onion.


Semla bun small / large SEK 35 / 49 (gluten, lactose, egg, almond)
Cinnamon bun SEK 45 (lactose, gluten, egg, almond)
Cardamom bun SEK 45 (lactose, gluten, egg)
Lukewarm bread pudding with cardamom-vanilla sause SEK 55 (lactose, gluten, egg, almond)
Chocolate ball SEK 38 (gluten)
Dark chocolate praline SEK 30 (lactose)
Mazarine SEK 30 (gluten, lactose, egg, almond)
Carrot muffin with fresh cheese frost SEK 38 (gluten, lactose, egg)


Coffee or tea SEK 40
Hot apple cider (non alcoholic) from Värmdö Musteri SEK 40
Smakis SEK 25
Ramlösa sparkling water SEK 35