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Antikrundan at Artipelag

Food and drinks

Bådan Buffet & Café

Open 11 am–6 pm

Bådan Buffet & Cafe is located on the second floor, at the main entrance. Here you can enjoy sandwiches, and drink coffee with baked goods fresh from the Artipelag Confectionery & Bakery ovens. Bådan also serves a brunch buffet.

The brunch buffet includes hot dishes, a weekly soup, salads, a choice of entrees, a cheese board with marmalade, homemade bread with butter, fruit, coffee, tea, and a sumptuous dessert table.

Price: 295 SEK.

Children’s Price: 15 SEK/year up to and including 12 years, then full price applies (ie. A child of 7 years would be 7×15 = 105 SEK). A pancake buffet for children is also available.

No table reservations. Drop-in only.

For those who only want a small snack, there is the option to select from only the dessert table for 145 SEK. With the addition of coffee or tea, the price is 165 SEK.

Artipelag Restaurant

Open 11.30 am–5 pm (last orders at 3.30 pm)

On September 4th, the restaurant will be serving a special three-course Antikrundan menu for 395 SEK. The regular a-la-carte menu is not available on this day.

Rye bread with an Öjeby salad made of crayfish, Västerbotten cheese, and spiced schnapps.

Main course:
Baked trout with chanterelle mushrooms, beurre blanc, and boiled potatoes.

Sour cream pudding with late summer berries and honey from Artipelag’s own bee hives.

For reservations, please call 08-570130 50 (weekdays from 9 am5 pm and extended times over the weekends) or email


Open 12–4 pm

At our grill, you can enjoy freshly grilled food while taking in the beautiful scenery – and usually sunshine – in our outdoor seating area. We serve Värmdö burgers and portabello burgers for the vegetarians.

Drop-in only, no table reservations.

Café in the Artbox

Open from 09.30 am

Simple refreshments such as buns, sandwiches, coffee, and cold drinks.


Shuttle bus from Värmdö Market

A free shuttle bus will run between Värmdö Market and Artipelag from 8 am6 pm on September 4th. From Värmdö Market, you can easily catch the 474 bus to Slussen metro and bus station (travel time is about 20 minutes). You can make the same trip in reverse to get from Slussen to Värmdö Market on your way to Artipelag.


From Värmdö Market From Artipelag
08.00 08.10
08.20 08.30
08.40 08.50
09.00 09.10
09.20 09.30
09.40 09.50
10.00 10.10
10.20 10.30
10.40 10.50
11.00 11.10
11.20 11.30
11.40 11.50
12.00 12.10
12.20 12.30
12.40 12.50
13.00 13.10
13.20 13.30
13.40 13.50
14.00 14.10
14.20 14.30
14.40 14.50
15.00 15.10
15.20 15.30
15.40 15.50
16.00 16.10
16.20 16.30
16.40 16.50
17.00 17.10
17.20 17.30
17.40 17.50


Strömma Kanalbolaget operates one-way boat transportation to Artipelag. Departure is from Nybrokajen (berth 6) at 10.30 am with arrival at Artipelag at 12. One-way trip only. For your return to Stockholm, you will have to arrange other transportation.

Buy your ticket here >>

Art Gallery and Design Shop

The Art Gallery will be open as usual between 11am5 pm. We are now showcasing The Legacy of Andy Warhol.

The weekend of 3rd4th September, the entrance to the art gallery will be through the Artipelag Artbox.

The Design Shop is located on the main floor and offers a range of unique designs – all in Artipelag spirit – with beautiful, sustainable, and innovative designs. The Design Shop is open until 6 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact