Guided tours

Make more of your visit to Artipelag by joining a guided tour with one of our hosts.

Open Introductions

Our exhibition hosts give daily brief introductions to the current exhibitions. In addition our hosts will gladly help you with individual introductions and discussions about specific artworks.

Guided Tour

Gather your friends, family, art club, company, family or other companions and book a tour with one of our expert guides – a great way to socialize and to receive an art experience to remember for life. Currently, our tours are held in Swedish, English and German. A guided tour takes between 45 minutes and one hour. We take a maximum of 30 guests per guide. Please make your reservation five days in advance by e-mailing

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Artipelag Tour

Artipelag is not just a meeting place for exciting art, beautiful nature and great food. The building is one of Sweden’s largest exhibition institutions. Even so, architect Johan Nyrén managed to create a close-to-nature building clad in waney-edge pitched pine timber, located on a carefully chosen spot amongst the pines and boulders with a view over Baggen’s Bay. One of his fundamental ideas was that the visitor would be met immediately in the entrance hall by the four elements: fire, that crackles in the large open fireplace; earth and mountain that the structure rests upon;  the clear air and the glittering water that surrounds and frames Artipelag. Many believe that with this work, that remains as his last, Johan Nyrén will have written international architectural history.

Are you interested in learning more about the history behind Artipelag? About Björn & Lillemor Jakobson’s vision? About the architecture? Follow along on an Artipelag tour. Price SEK 2,500 including VAT. Artipelag viewing with the owner, Björn Jakobson costs SEK 10,000 including VAT. Please make your reservation five days in advance by contacting


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