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Uppställda bord och stolar inne i vår artbox


On September 19th, 2017, Axfood held its Executive Conference and Leadership Forum here at Artipelag. In total, 100 delegates arrived at Artipelag’s inspiring premises for a jam-packed weekend conference to exchange ideas, discuss leadership, and promote collaboration between employees. The day ended with an awards banquet in Artipelag’s foyer with Baggens Bay as a backdrop.

The day began with a conference in Artipelag’s Artbox. The stage, ’specially built in the center of the Artbox, and surrounded by a draping curtain, created a powerful and unique atmosphere for the arriving guests. After the first part of the conference, it was time for a lunch mingle in the entrance hall consisting of short-ribs marinated in red wine, stone oven-baked crisp bread, and potato cream, pickled onions, and mushrooms.

Coffee Break Walk and the Final Awards Banquet 
In the afternoon, conference guests were divided into smaller groups to go on a short walk (complete with coffee and sweet snacks) through Artipelag’s stunning natural surroundings.

The evening ended with an awards banquet in Artipelag’s main foyer. For starters, guests were served a Royal Egg with sour cream, crispy potato bread, pickled onions, and dill. The main course consisted of a buffet table with Chicken Ballotine, butter-fried autumn apples, baked shallots and potato cream. Towards the end of the evening, dessert was served in the form of fennel biscuits, apple compote and salted almonds.

Event arranged through Nine Yards.

Event with Axfood at the Artbox at Artipelag
Axfood Leadership Forum at Artipelag
Axfood Leadership Forum at Artipelag
Axfood Leadership Forum at Artipelag
Axfood Leadership Forum at Artipelag
Pastries at Axfood Leadership Forum at Artipelag

”I wish to express our warmest thanks for a top-tier event. Both the client and ourselves were more than satisfied!”

– Tess Hansson, Technical Producer & Production Manager, Nine Yards