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NOTE! On Sunday 23rd of June Artipelag closes at 3 p.m.

Crossroads: Pippo Lionni

July 31, 2024

Art and Music in Symbiosis - Pippo Lionni glides over a large canvas in sync with the rhythm of the music. He paints with a palette knife and lacquer, letting his emotions flow into the art. All of this is done to the sounds of live music.

Pippo Lionni målar med spackelspate till toner av elektronisk musik
Pippo Lionni, foto:


Regular: 295 SEK
Senior (65 år+): 295 SEK
Art.Pass members: 245 SEK

July 31, 3.00 PM

The experience will last approximately 1.5 hours, including pre- and post-discussion.

About the experience

As part of Artipelag's new initiative, Crossroads, we proudly present the artist Pippo Lionni. Accompanied by Sergio Corbini on piano and synthesizer and Stefano Franceschini on saxophones and electronics, Lionni will create a new artwork. At the same time, you listen to the music and watch the piece come to life. How is your perception of art influenced by being part of this creative process? The performance will begin with a short introduction by the artist and conclude with a discussion involving all participants.

ACTIONREACTION is more than just a performance, it's a collaborative laboratory for experimental interactive improvisation. Here, abstract painting and contemporary music merge in a unique way. Pippo Lionni, accompanied by Sergio Corbini and Stefano Franceschini, paints on large-scale canvases with palette knives, inspiring musical compositions. The music and painting influence each other in a continually evolving creative process. This is a group effort, with each member exploring the unique symbiosis between art forms through live performances and recordings. These performances are not just 'happenings', they're opportunities for us all to create and develop works over several sessions, with discussions on methodology and artistic challenges. Through their experience in musical improvisation and abstract art, ACTIONREACTION is breaking new ground in creative expression without predefined structures.

Last year's success with "Art You've Never Seen, Music You've Never Heard," where we experienced Astrid Sylwan's art and Jacob Kellerman's guitar, continues this summer with the theme Crossroads. Experience unique art and music performances at Artipelag.


Pippo Lionni, born in New York, has lived in Paris since the early eighties. His multicultural background and multidisciplinary education result in a range of activities and forms of expression, including large wall installations, projected animations, and painting. He was awarded the title “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” by the French Ministry of Culture in 2002.

PIANO, SYNTHESIZER, and electronics

SAXOPHONES and electronics