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Roy Andersson – I saw

Past exhibition January 13 – April 30, 2023

Roy Andersson (b.1943) is a Swedish filmmaker with a long-standing career in the film industry. After having directed a great number of commercials, short films and several awarded feature films he is toady a well-established name in the industry and has throughout the years received international acclaim. The exhibition I saw, consisted of 17 photos from Roy Andersson’s latest film Om det oändliga (About endlessness) (2019).

According to the director himself, the film moves between present and past time depicting historical figures. The loose structure is inspired by the fairy-tale Arabian Nights and throughout the film we are guided by a dreamlike female voice acting as narrator. As spectators we embark on a journey through life’s big and small events; a couple hovers over a war-torn Cologne, a father stops to tie his daughter’s shoes in the pouring rain and three teenage girls dance outside a café; a kaleidoscope of existence and infinity.

As an abundance of life, Om det oändliga (About endlessness) reminds us of the frailty and beauty of our existence. And with that in mind, reminds us to uphold this endless treasure and pass it on.


About Roy Andersson

Debut in 1970 with the film En kärlekshistoria (A love story) followed by the film Giliap 1975. Andersson was also involved in the short film Någonting har hänt, 1989, but the film caused quite a controversy and was later withdrawn. In his next film, Härlig är jorden, his style and expression became even more clear.

In 1996, Andersson started the production of Sånger från andra våningen, which took the film director four years to complete. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where it received the jury prize. The film consists of several different socially critical tableaux, which are partly perceived as surreal.

Roy Andersson also directed a few commercials up until 2005 when he started working on the film Du levande which was released 2007. The film can be seen as a sequel where the imagery creates associations to Sånger från andra våningen. In the fall of 2014, the film En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron premiered and according to Andersson, these three films can be regarded as a trilogy.

About the exhibition

The 17 photos (video stills from the film) are 70×120 cm and is a part of Artipelag’s collection.

Trailer for the film About endlessness.