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HERE/NOW: A physical encounter in time and space

Past exhibition October 17, 2014 – January 6, 2015

In the exhibition HERE/NOW, Artipelag wanted to take a stand for the physical meeting between artwork and the viewer. The title of the exhibition refers to artist Barnett Newman’s praised 1948 essay, The Sublime is Now. In the essay, Newman propagates the idea that the meeting between contemplator and artwork should be like a meeting between two people, wherein the relationship is based on a profound dialogue.

Contributing to the exhibition were 10 Scandinavian artists, who work in direct relation to Artipelag’s architecture.


Mamma Andersson
Anastasia Ax
Carolina Falkholt
Jens Fänge

Clay Ketter
John Kørner (DK)
Nina Roos (FI)
Ulrik Samuelson

Astrid Sylwan
Sophie Tottie