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Carouschka – The woman on the island

Past exhibition April 29 – June 28, 2015

Carouschka – The woman on the island told a story of a constantly working human being, who is in symbiosis with the barren landscape and the surrounding sea. A story of a life filled with not only everyday practical challenges that an isolated place in the archipelago entails but also of an artistic life, stemming from the resources the island provides for a distinctive aesthetic vision. A true explorer of archipelago’s nature, Carouschka processes, designs and creates unique objects, emerging from her encompassing landscape.

Carouschka Streijffert’s artistic, scenographic and architectural practice spans many decades. With her highly personal aesthetics and systematic, archaeological exploration of elements, material and places, Carouschka processes everything from design assignments, paintings, photography, collage and set designs to rugs, art objects and interiors.

She divides her everyday between a studio in the city and an austere life without electricity and water on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. It is here, on the island, the exhibition took its point of origin.

Carouschka, the woman on the island occupied a new space for her theatrical manifestation exhibiting her vision and objects, shown for the first time in the 1,200 sqm Artbox at Artipelag.

We welcome a true all-rounder and rebellious esthete who stands true to her own poetry.