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Summer of Jazz

Date June 27 – July 19, 2018

The summer of 2018 will be a jazz-filled one! Come listen to sweet harmonies in combination with delicious buffet food served prior to each concert. Over seven summer evenings, we will present some of Sweden’s premier jazz artists.

Jazzsommar 2018
Jazzsommar 2018.

All shows will be accompanied by a house band under the direction of Max Schultz. In collaboration with Artipelag, Johanna Sannefors will be the Program Manager for all six concerts.

We begin the summer with Viktoria Tolstoy on June 27th, followed by Per ”Texas” Johansson on June 30th – with Rebecka Törnqvist and Kristin Amparo on July the 3rd! A return performance by Svante Thuresson will be on July 11th, and Ida Sand will appear on July 14th. To round out the summer, Sharon Dyall and Peter Asplund will perform on July 18th. As an absolutely stunning finale, on July 19th a concert will be held with Edda Magnason.


The price per ticket for all concerts ranges from SEK 350 to SEK 450. For Art.Pass members, the price per ticket is ranges from SEK 315 to SEK 405.


June 27th  Viktoria Tolstoy
June 30th – Per ”Texas” Johansson with Rebecka Törnqvist)
July 3rd – Kristin Amparo
July 11th – Svante Thuresson
July 14th – Ida Sand
July 18th – Sharon Dyall and Peter Asplund
July 19th – Edda Magnason TICKETS >>

Times, Transportation and Food

All concerts begin promptly at 7 pm in the Artipelag Artbox and will be approximately two hours, 15 minutes in duration (including one 20-minute break). We offer shuttle buses from Vasagatan (Centralplan 9, outside O`Learys) for those who do not wish to arrive at Artipelag in their own car. On site, our Artipelag Jazz Buffet will be available (except for the shows on June 30th and July 14th when a three-course menu will be served instead), as well as three different break packages to choose from. Bus, jazz buffet and break packages can be booked at the same time you purchase your tickets. More info about the three-course dinner can be found on Ticketmaster while purchasing your tickets.

Food & Drink

Concert Pauce Refreshments

Package One
Shrimp salad canapé with one glass of sparkling wine.
SEK 145

Package TwoGoat’s cheese canapé with one glass of sparkling wine.
SEK 145

Package ThreeArtipelag’s carrot cake with one cup of coffee.
SEK 65

The break is 20 minutes. We recommend pre-booking your break package to avoid the queue.

Buffet in the Artipelag Restaurant

Our tasty buffet consists of a fish option, a meat option, and a vegetarian option, as well as a selection of seasonal vegetables and accouterments. Salad, aperitifs, cold dishes, and homemade bread are also included. Hot dishes may be be collected directly from the chefs in the kitchen. Finally, our delicious dessert table includes various delights to finish your meal, as well as coffee and tea.

The buffet is served from 4.45 pm.

The buffet will be served before all jazz concerts, except for June 30th and July 14th, when a three-course menu will be served instead. More information on that menu is coming soon.

Priced at SEK 375 (includes dessert and coffee/tea).

Buffé, Artipelag Restaurang
Buffé, Artipelag Restaurang.
Event i foajén på Artipelag
Event i foajén på Artipelag.
Buffé i Artipelag Restaurang
Buffé i Artipelag Restaurang.

Three-course menu (June 30th and July 14th)

During the shows on June 30th and July 14th a three-course menu will be served instead of the buffet. More info about the three-course dinner can be found on Ticketmaster while purchasing your tickets.

Price three-course dinner
SEK 495
The three-course menu will be served in Bådan Café & Pâtisserie on ground floor. 

Practical Information for Buses & Transportation

Extended Opening House in the Art Gallery and the Design Store

On all summer concert evenings, we will have extended opening hours (until 6.45 pm) in the art gallery and in the design shop. If you present your concert ticket, you will receive a 50% discount on the admission fee to the Bloomsbury Spirit exhibition on the same day as your concert. Be sure to see the exhibition and visit our design store before the concert begins!

Wheelchair Access

We have a limited number of spaces inside the Artbox designed especially for wheelchair users. These spots must be booked through Ticketmaster’s customer support (+46 (0)771–70 70 70) or through our information desk. When booking, it is important that you state your desire to book a wheelchair space and be sure to mention if you are an Art.Pass member. One companion seat per wheelchair user is included in the ticket price.

Cars and Parking

For those who wish to arrive by car there are plenty of parking spaces.

Buses and Transportation

By the time each concert ends, public bus services will have ceased for the evening. If you need to return to Stockholm city center, you can book a seat on our shuttle bus for SEK 70 and you will be taken from Artipelag to Stockholm Central Station. This ticket is a return journey. The bus will depart Artipelag after the concert finishes, and takes about 25 minutes to get to Stockholm City.

The shuttle bus can be booked and paid for via Ticketmaster in conjunction with your concert ticket purchase. Please note that bus tickets must be booked no later than 3pm the day before the concert.

Departure from Vasagatan to Artipelag

The bus will depart for Artipelag at 4.30 pm and 6 pm.

The shuttle buses are yellow and are operated by Traveller. They depart from Vasagatan near Centralplan 9 (the small turnout in front of O’Learys). A sign that says ”Artipelag” marks the departure point.

House Band & Program Manager

House Band: Max Shultz (direction), Carl Bagge (piano), Martin Höper (bass), Chris Montgomery (drums)
Program Manager: Johanna Sannefors
Photos: Gregor Hohenberg, Sune Andersson, Niclas Lindström, Jan Perneros

Musicians during the Summer of Jazz 2018

June 27th– Viktoria Tolstoy
Max Schultz, Kalle Bagge, Chris Montgomery, Mattias Svensson

June 30th – Per ”Texas” Johansson och Rebecka Törnqvist
Max Schultz, Kalle Bagge, Niklas Färnqvist, Chris Montgomery

July 3rd – Kristin Amparo
Max Schultz, Kalle Bagge, Chris Montgomery, Martin Höper

July 11th – Svante Thuresson
Max Schultz, Kalle Bagge, Chris Montgomery, Martin Höper

July 14th – Ida Sand
Max Schultz, Chris Montgomery, Martin Höper

July 18th – Sharon Dyall & Peter Asplund
Max Schultz, Kalle Bagge, Chris Montgomery, Martin Höper

July 19th – Edda Magnason
Max Schultz, Filip Ekestubbe, Chris Montgomery, Martin Höper

”This year’s summer concerts will be a thrilling jazz extravaganza with seven beautiful events. The goal for me was to find artists who compliment the understated atmosphere at Artipelag. The challenge was to accommodate a crowd that will span ages from zero to a hundred years – and I think we have managed to do that.”

– Johanna Sannefors, program manager for Summer Jazz at Artipelag  

June 27: Viktoria Tolstoy.

Viktoria Tolstoy is one of the leading acts in Sweden’s jazz scene and, as a 20-year-old, won the Jazzkatten prize of ”Newcomer of the Year”. She has a masterful ability to move between different genres and succeeds in truly making every song her own.

Jazzsommar på Artipelag: Per 'Texas' Johansson.

June 30: Per ”Texas” Johansson with Rebecka Törnqvist.

When Per ”Texas” Johansson takes the stage, he brings poetic tones from both his clarinet and saxophone. He will be performing with Rebecka Törnqvist – one of Sweden’s premier singers, whose voice will take us on a journey between jazz and pop.

Kristin Amparo, Summer of Jazz

July 3: Kristin Amparo.

Kristin Amparo is a vocalist and songwriter. She had her breakthrough in Sweden with the hit ”Your soldier” along with the artist Albin. Amparo has her roots in jazz and in the Royal College of Music in Stockholm as well as the urban music.

Jazzsommar: Svante Thuresson

July 11: Svante Thuresson.

Svante Thuresson began jazz singing in the early 1960s, but he still has both the energy and the presence needed to conduct a truly first-class concert. Through the years he has continued to hone his natural skills and is constantly updating his repertoire.

Jazzsommar på Artipelag: Ida Sand

July 14: Ida Sand.

With her expressive voice and her amazing piano playing, Ida Sand touches her audiences with her soulful styles of jazz, blues, funk and gospel. Her inspiration comes from world artists such as Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder.

Jazzsommar på Artipelag: Sharon Dyall-Peter Asplund, 2018

July 18: Sharon Dyall & Peter Asplund.

Peter Asplund is one of Sweden’s most preeminent trumpeters and he is an artist who always plays directly from the heart. Together with jazz singer Sharon Dyall – whose evocative expression incorporates influences from movies, theater, musicals, and swinging big band jazz – this duo will take us on a trip that will not leave anyone unmoved.

Jazzsommar på Artipelag: Edda Magnason. Foto Nicklas Lindstrom

July 19: Edda Magnason.

She stormed the Swedish music scene when she covered Monica Zetterlund. In this concert, we will meet Edda as herself – a singer, musician and composer. Her music is a seamless mixture of jazz, pop, show, and classic tones. In her role as composer, she has been compared to world artists like Björk and Kate Bush.

Jazzsommar: Max Schultz

The house band under the direction of Max Schultz.

All shows will be accompanied by a house band under the direction of Max Schultz. In collaboration with Artipelag, Johanna Sannefors will be the Program Manager for all seven concerts.

Artipelag Artbox

Concert Venue.

All concerts will be held in the Artipelag Artbox.