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Cirkus Cirkör – Knitting Peace

Date November 13, 2014 – January 11, 2015

We once again have the honour of working with Cirkus Cirkör! Beginning in November, Cirkus Cirkör will be performing Knitting Peace in Artipelag’s Artbox.


In Cirkus Cirkör’s performance, Knitting Peace, we devote ourselves entirely to intractable knots and perpetual stitches in a stage space filled with yarn, tangled messes, ropes and wires.

Researchers believe that the longing and striving for a better life is what keeps us alive. The worst thing that can happen to us is that we achieve our goals, without finding a new goal to strive after. Circus artist often strive to reach the impossible. Is struggling for the impossible a means to happiness? To strive for peace on earth – is that a struggle for the impossible? Can the very struggle in itself cause change? Is it possible to knit peace? It’s all too easy to give up in one’s smallness before the enormity and complexity of the world. By immersing themselves completely in the various forms and shapes of the yarn, the artists strive to find meaning.

In a new poetic circus performance filled with yarn, tangled messes, rope and thread, questions regarding striving and knitting are woven together with breath-taking artistry, looped live music and suggestive scenography. Five new circus artists create a magical world of rope and yarn wherein the audience is welcomed in to be surrounded by enigmatic music, sensitive poetry, and the powerful pursuit of meaning. Can the very struggle itself make a difference? Can one knit peace?

See the trailer here;

The performance is recommended for ages 11 and up.

Duration: 2 hours including intermission.


Aino Ihanainen – handstand, live knitting
Ilona Jäntti /Nathalie Bertholio – air acrobatics (rope, ring, cloth)
Mikael Kristiansen – handstand, dance acrobatics (tangled mess)
Matleena Laine / Tiziana Prota – air acrobatics (tangled mess, ladder), song
Alexander Weibel Weibel – rope dance, balance acrobatics, violin
Samuel ”Looptok” Andersson / Olof Göthlin – knitted live music

Knitting Peace trailer