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A Line_up

Date September 24, 2017

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A line up at Artipelag Artbox
A line up at Artipelag Artbox.

Choreographer Cristina Capriolis’ new performance piece is a remodeled musical story about the pursuit of attention. The performance is based in the musical A Chorus Line, which in many ways challenged expectations for entertainment. A Line_up is a musical filled with swinging dance and compelling music, where a crowd of dancers stand in line to sing and dance their (and our) dreams and fears. 

”I work in modern choreography, and am fascinated by the musical genre. And while I’m critical of all ”entertainment” in terms of fast consumption, conventional narratives, stereotypes and sentimental glitter, I’m amazed at the power of musical entertainment.”
– Cristina Caprioli

The Idea

From the mind of Cristina Caprioli, Professor of Choreography and one of Sweden’s most productive and groundbreaking choreographers, A Line_up takes the musical A Chorus Line and changes it into something new. What we see today in terms of showing a unique personality without standing out completely on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or contest programs like Idol, was first dramatised in A Chorus Line. The original performance provides space for an experience that dances in line with our choreography.

Original Music

”All of the music is original and written by multiple songwriters like Seinabo Sey, among others. The purpose has been to try and identify and create different kinds of music for different kinds of people and not to place people in certain disciplines based on stereotypes,” said Cristina Caprioli, Choreographer, in an interview with Sveriges Radio.

On site we will be offering a dance buffet which is served from 4pm. Bus transportation and the dance buffet can be booked at the same time as you purchase your tickets.

Clever and skewed – but thoroughly skillful”
– Folkbladet

Pure movement poetry”
– Västerbotten Courier

Practical Information


A-section SEK 345 (youth up to age 18 – SEK 325)
B-section SEK 295 (youth up to age 18 – SEK 275)

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Date and Time: Sunday, September 24th at 6 pm
Recommended for ages 15+
Duration is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes
Performed in the Artipelag Artbox.

Times and Transportation

The performance will begin at 6 pm and will run for one hour and 45 minutes.

A bus is available for those who do not wish to arrive by car. It will depart from Vasagatan in central Stockholm (Centralplan 9, in front of O`Learys restaurant) at 5 pm. Look for a yellow bus with the Traveller logo.

Price for the bus is SEK 100 for a return ticket and can be purchased at the same time as your ticket.

Dance Buffet

The night’s buffet will include a selection of starters, several hot dishes, soup, salad table, marmalade & cheese tray, homemade bread, fresh fruit, coffee and tea. In addition, we will be serving a delicious dessert table, designed by our head chef, Fredrik Otterberg. Served from 4pm in Bådan Buffet & Café and priced at SEK 345.

The buffet can be booked at the same time as your ticket.

Dansare och koreograf Christina Caprioli
Dansare och koreograf Christina Caprioli.
Ur dansföreställningen A Line_up
Ur dansföreställningen A Line_up.
Ur dansföreställningen A Line_up
Ur dansföreställningen A Line_up.
Ur dansföreställningen A Line_up
Ur dansföreställningen A Line_up.


Anja Arnquist
Dario Barreto Damas
Philip Berlin
Ulrika Berg
Linda Blomqvist
Louise Dahl
Frederic Gies
Pavle Heidler
Madeleine Lindh
Louise Permin
Sunna Ardal Rosengren



Concept, dramatic content, and dance choreography: Cristina Caprioli
Music: Sunna Ardal Rosengren and Yoann Durant
Script: Cristina Caprioli, parts of the ensemble, and (guest) Johan Jönsson
Script transcribed into lyrics by: Sunna Ardal Rosengren
Original Music: Yoann Durant and Sunna Ardal Rosengren
Lighting: Tobias Hallgren
Costumes: Ccap


Norrland Opera House
Blekinge-Kronoberg Regional Theatre
The National Theatre
Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin)

Ccap receives funding from The National Cultural Council and Stockholm City’s Cultural Administration.