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Dining Set – November Series

The November series dining set is developed by Artipelag and designed with inspiration drawn from the Stockholm Archipelago’s soft November light. These tables and chairs are sold exclusively in Artipelag’s Design Shop.

Our signature furniture is available in ash with white-pigmented (Artipelag Edition) or black matt clear coat, as well as walnut with matt clear coat. The chairs are solid wood, ergonomic and stackable.

The November Series was designed by Peter Ejvinsson and Emmy Larsson.

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Seat height 46 cm.
Dimensions 45x83x4.5 cm.

Ash Artipelag Edition SEK 6,950.
Ash Black SEK 6,950.
Walnut SEK 9,990.

Small Table

Dimensions 90x145x74 cm.

Ash Artipelag Edition SEK 15,900.
Ash Black SEK 15,900.
Walnut SEK 19,900.

Medium Table

Dimensions 90x215x74 cm.

Ash Artipelag Edition SEK 16,900.
Ash Black SEK 16,900.
Walnut SEK 25,900.

Large Table

Dimensions 90x260x74 cm.

Ash Artipelag Edition SEK 19,900.
Ash Black SEK 19,900.
Walnut SEK 29,900.

Valnötsbord och valnötsstolar
Valnötsbord och valnötsstolar.