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OBS! Imagine Monet is not shown September 27-29. But welcome to the exhibition At arm’s length – Hundred years of Nordic art.

Joanna Pascale and Pelle ”Trazan” Jonasson meet jazz stars from Europe

Practical information

The concert takes place in Artipelag's foyer. Unnumbered seats.
SEK 395
Art.Pass price (limited tickets)
SEK 245
Date and time
Tuesday August 8, 6 pm - (approximately) 7 pm

Joanna Pascale has made a name for herself as a sophisticated and highly expressive jazz singer and is based in Philadelphia, USA. She has released four albums, among them the acclaimed "Wildflower" (2015). For this special occasion, drummer Pelle "Trazan" Jonasson has hand-picked fellow international musicians who are now playing together for the first time in Sweden and meeting Pascale.

The concert takes place in collaboration with Yamaha Norden and Ystad's Jazz Festival.

Joanna Pascale (US) - vocals, Pelle "Trazan" Jonasson - drums, John Goldsby (US/DE) - contrabass, Olaf Polziehn (DE) - piano, Johan Hörlén (SE/DE) - alto sax

Practical information