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Annika Liljedahl – Väx till Liv

January 15 – May 1, 2022
skulpturen SKAL av konstnären Annika Liljedahl

Entrance fees

One ticket to see both Tal R and Annika Liljedahl exhibition
Entrance adults
225 kr
Entrance seniors
200 SEK
Entrance students
130 SEK
Children 0-16 years
free entrance
free entrance

During the spring 2022, Annika Liljedahl (b.1946) exhibits sculptures and works at Artipelag. The exhibition Väx till Liv also includes the work Insekt Insikt, set to music, from Artipelag’s collection.

Annika Liljedahl works cross disciplinary with materials such as Japanese silk, lacquer, pins, steel and fiber optics. Through art, she examines man's relationship to the world around and thus also to nature. Her artistry oscillates between seriousness, humour and satire and often deals with life affirmations and life in development. It is Liljedahl’s continuous investigation of life in transformation that has lent its name to the exhibition Väx till Liv.

The exhibition Väx till Liv shows a generous presentation of works from the 1980’s to present day. Among the works, the picture series Förvandling (1983–1989), Hinna (1994) and the work Insekt Insikt, from Artipelag’s collection. In addition, a few new sculptures will be displayed.

The music to Insekt Insikt is composed by Lo Kristenson.

The exhibition opens Saturday January 15, 2022 and will be shown until May 1, 2022.

The sound work in the exhibition is composed by Lo Kristenson.

Kvinna intrasslad i tyg sprattlar med benen mot grå bakgrund.