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Fredrik Roos Art Grant of 2022 – Judit Kristensen

Past exhibition April 27, 2022 – May 29, 2022

Between Wednesday April 27 and Sunday May 29 Artipelag exhibits art by Judit Kristensen, recipient of the Fredrik Roos Art Grant of 2022.

The art grant is awarded to Judit Kristensen with the following motivation:

”Judit Kristensen’s paintings inevitably provoke thoughts of the pandemic that has ravaged the world during the last two years. However, her paintings are not infused with the sense of desperate loneliness that has characterised this troubled time. On the contrary, Judit Kristensen’s paintings are distinguished by a coldness that lends them an almost observing and analytical character. Which is perhaps not surprising when one learns that Judit Kristensen, before she embarked on her artistic education, trained as a psychologist at Umeå University. Her almost clinical manner of relating to these emotional states bear witness to a deep understanding of the human psyche.”

2022 is the fifth year the award and exhibition take place at Artipelag.

Foto av Judit Kristensen
Foto av tavla målad av Judit Kristensen

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