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Fredrik Roos Art Grant 2020

Past exhibition January 25 – March 8, 2020

Between Saturday January 25th and Sunday March 8th Artipelag exhibited paintings by Siri Elfhag, recipient of the Fredrik Roos Art Grant of 2020.

Siri Elfhag – Fredrik Roos stipendium 2020
Siri Elfhag – Fredrik Roos stipendium 2020.

The art grant was awarded to Siri Elfhag with the following motivation:

”Fredrik Roos Art Grant 2020 is awarded to Siri Elfhag for her paintings with close connections to the European art history. Her works have a tendency of out of the physical body, floating into the universe close to a surrealistic interface between the outer un-coded dreamy scenarios. The paintings feel as if they are being dissolved from within in a variability closely associated with figurative expressionist paintings.”

2020 was the third year the award and exhibition took place at Artipelag.

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About Fredrik Roos Art Grant

Fredrik Roos and the foundation

Fredrik Roos (born 1951, died 1991) was a financier and art collector from Sweden’s southernmost province of Scania. In 1988, he founded the Rooseum – Center for Contemporary Art in Malmö, home to international exhibitions and Fredrik Roos’s collection of contemporary Nordic art. The museum closed in 2006 and 60 artworks from the collection were sold. This money was used to set up The Fredrik Roos Foundation.

The recipient of the scholarship should be “an artist who – in the spirit of Fredrik Roos himself – is prepared to take risks in their artistry. One who believes in themself and who has their own unique expression. The artist should be no more than 35 years old, come from a Nordic country, and preferably work with painting and/or sculpture”.

The foundation has a close collaboration with Sweden’s five art schools. Since 2019 the foundation has also opened up for artists working in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.

Previous recipients

2019 Sara Nielsen Bonde
2018 Jonas Malmberg
2017 Oskar Hult, Josefine Östberg Olsson and Jonas Silfversten Bergman
2016 Sandra Mujinga, André Talborn and Karl Patric Näsman
2015 Martha Ossowska Persson, Idun Baltzersen and Ida Persson
2014 Tomas Lundgren
2013 Paul Fägerskiöld

Read more about the life and work of Fredrik Roos here >> (in Swedish)