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Intergalactic Underwater Palace

Date 4–April 5, 2018

Intergalactic Underwater Palace
Intergalactic Underwater Palace.

Photo: Urban Jörén

Cool, playful and captivating! Intergalactic Underwater Palace is a celebrated dance production for children (8-13 years) by Riksteatern and Cullbergbaletten. The show will challenges your senses and create a journey through another galaxy. How does my body feel under water? How would a robot behave in a royal palace? Can we just imagine it or can we actually experience it? 

The dancers will move surprisingly and dynamically among the audience in a scenography that becomes like a living, humorous organism. The choreographer Sebastian Matthias, born and raised in Germany, has created an exciting and playful performance involving all the senses.

– Intergalactic Underwater Palace is a show about senses and a journey through different worlds. I am curious about how different impressions that not really belong together affect each other. An underwater environment combined with movements from a robot or space. How does that environment affect your body? How does it feel? That is how I would like to work with bodies and environments. I want the children’s playfulness to become a part of the show, says Sebastian Matthias.

Intergalactic Underwater Palace is a co-production between Riksteatern and Cullbergbaletten.

Dates and Times

Wednesday April 4 at 12 PM BUY TICKETS >>
Thursday April 5 at 12 PM BUY TICKETS >> 

Practical Information


120 kr for adults
90 kr for children up to 12 years


40 minutes, excluding an intermission


Recommended age

Family show from 8+ years


Artipelag’s Artbox.

Intergalactic Underwater Palace
Intergalactic Underwater Palace.
Intergalactic Underwater Palace
Intergalactic Underwater Palace.

Choreography and Concept

Choreographer: Sebastian Matthias
Composer: Ida Lundén
Scenography and costume: Johanna Mårtensson


David Nondorf – Dancer
Oskar Landström – Dancer
Malika Ali – Dancer
Madeleine Tell – Dancer

Ida Lundén – Musician

Foto: Urban Jörén