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Circus Cirkör – Limits

Date December 26, 2017 – January 27, 2018

Limits by Cirkus Cirkör at Artipelag
Limits by Cirkus Cirkör at Artipelag.

Photo: Mattias Edwall

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In 2015, Circus Cirkör celebrated 20 years as a boundary-pushing act. Under the leadership of Tilde Björfors, Circus Cirkör has consistently explored boundaries and open borders in performances and research projects, as well as through the circus’ interaction with society, audiences, and participants. In the face of Europe’s increasingly tougher boundary control – and the consequences that closed borders entail – Cirkus Cirkör’s voice as advocates of open borders has become stronger. Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter declared Circus Cirkör the creator of a new genre: ”New Circus Activism” after seeing Borders in 2015.

With their new production Limits, the work (and the questions) continue: Are limitations a reality or something merely conceived and accepted? Is a limitation a full-stop or does it provide motivation to find new ways?

In classic Circus Cirkör fashion, Limits will turn your perspectives upside down with power, opportunity, focus, and bold commitment. A world of escape, migration, and the artisans’ personal boundaries are balanced in terms of risk, pain, the ensemble, and the body’s real limitations. It’s hard to exceed limits without moments of chaos and disorder!

Concept and Direction

Tilde Björfors – founder and artistic director of Circus Cirkör – is the director of most of Circus Cirkör’s major successes such as Borders, Knitting Peace, Wear It Like A Crown and Inside out. Tilde maintains, in addition to Circus Cirkör leadership, a professorship at the Dance and Circus School in Stockholm.

Tickets for Performances on Weekends and Bank Holidays

Tickets for performances on weekends and bank holidays are SEK 420 for adults. Youth up to 18 years pay SEK 275. For ArtPass members, the cost is reduced to SEK 370 for adults and SEK 225 for youth under 18 years.

Tickets for Performances on Weekdays

Tickets for performances on weekdays is SEK 395 for adults. Youth up to 18 years pay SEK 250. For ArtPass members, the cost is reduced to SEK 345 for adults and SEK 200 for youth under 18 years.

Recommended Age: 10+ years
Duration: 130 minutes, including a 25-minute intermission
Location: Artipelag’s Artbox

Times, Transportation, and Food

The show begins at 5 pm on weekends and bank holidays and 7 pm on weekdays and runs for about two hours (including a 20-minute intermission). On weekdays, buses depart from Vasagatan (Centralplan 9, outside of O`Leary’s Restaurant) at 4.30 pm and 6 pm for those who do not wish to arrive at Artipelag with their own vehicle. On weekends, departures from Vasagatan will be at 2.30 pm and 4 pm. Look for the yellow bus with the Traveller logo. On site, we will be offering a special Circus Buffet and three different break packages. Bus, Circus Buffet, and break package can be booked at the same time as your tickets. The break package menus can be found further down this page.

The price for the bus is SEK 100 and this can be purchased in conjunction with your tickets.


Saara Ahola – Acrobatics, air acrobatics, and singing
Anton Graaf / Nilas Kronlid – Acrobatics and springboard
Einar Kling-Odencrants / Oscar Karlsson – Acrobatics and springboard
Sarah Lett – Acrobatics and Cyr Wheel
Peter Åberg – Acrobatics, juggling, and singing
Samuel ”Looptok” Andersson / Thea Åslund – Music

Creative Team

Dialogue: Qutaiba Aldahwa, Javid Heidari
Concept and Director: Tilde Björfors
Text: Tilde Björfors, ensemble, Nadia Ben Belgacem, Arash Dehvari, Kajsa Bohlin, Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga, Qutaiba Aldahwa, Javid Heidari
Composer: Samuel ”Looptok” Andersson
Scenography: Fanny Senocq, Stefan ”Drake” Karlström, Joel Jedström, Tilde Björfors
Costume Design: Jonna Bergelin
Video Scenography / Projections: Johannes Ferm Winkler, Tom Waldton and Per Rydnert/Visual Relief
Light Design: Fredrik Ekström
Sound: Fredrik ”Börje” Danielsson
Choreography Support: Olle Strandberg
Masks: Madelene Söderblom
Costume Studio: Hilda Junker, Jonna Bergelin, Emilia Esping
Construction / Manufacturing: Joel Jedström
Assistant Director: Maria Wallin, supported by Alexander Weibel Weibel
Scenography and Costume Assistant: Emilia Esping

Dates and Times

Friday Jan 19th – 7 pm
Saturday Jan 20th – 5 pm
Sunday Jan 21st – 5 pm

Friday Jan 26th – 7 pm
Saturday Jan 27th – 5 pm

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Food and Break Package Options

Circus Buffet – SEK 325

The buffet is served from 5 pm on weekdays and from 3 pm on weekends in Bådan Buffet & Café.

The buffet includes a selection of starters, several hot dishes, the weekly soup, salad table, marmalade and cheese tray, home-baked bread with butter, fresh fruit, coffee and tea. In addition, we will be serving a delicious dessert table consisting of various delights to finish your meal on a sweet note.

Break Package One – SEK 140
Shrimp Salad canapé and one glass of sparkling wine.

Break Package Two – SEK 65
Artipelag’s carrot cake with your choice of coffee or tea. 

Break Package Three – SEK 65
Artipelag’s chocolate ball with an alcohol-free drink. Selection available (200-330 ml).

Pre-purchased packages are served on Björn’s Lounge.

Limits med Cirkus Cirkör
Limits med Cirkus Cirkör.
Ur Limits med Cirkus Cirkör i Artipelags Artbox
Ur Limits med Cirkus Cirkör i Artipelags Artbox.
Ur Limits med Cirkus Cirkör i Artipelags Artbox
Ur Limits med Cirkus Cirkör i Artipelags Artbox.
Ur Limits med Cirkus Cirkör i Artipelags Artbox
Ur Limits med Cirkus Cirkör i Artipelags Artbox.

Photos: Mats Bäcker and Mattias Edwall

Circus Cirkör – Limits trailer

Limits by Cirkus Cirkör at Artipelag

Photo: Mats Bäcker