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NOTE! On Sunday 23rd of June Artipelag closes at 3 p.m.

Tour of Artipelag

This page is aimed at individuals and small groups who wish to book a tour of Artipelag. To book a tour for companies, please click here >>

Artipelag is not only a fantastic meeting place for exciting art, beautiful scenery, and good food! The building itself is on par with the largest of Sweden’s state-of-the-art museums and institutions. Even so, architect Johan Nyrén succeeded in creating a truly stunning nature-inspired building surrounded by pine trees, overlooking Baggensfjärden.

Upon entering the foyer, a visitor might notice the presence of all four elements: the fire crackling in the large fireplace, the earth and mountain terrain that the building rests on, the clear archipelago air, and the sparkling water that surrounds the building. Many believe that Johan Nyrén, with his final work, has written international architecture history.

On a tour of Artipelag, you will be led through the building by a knowledgeable guide and can hear the story of the entire journey from newborn idea to the present day.

Price for a guided Tour of Artipelag is SEK 2500 (SEK 2358 excluding VAT).

A tour of Artipelag runs for approximately 45-60 min. Max 30 visitors per guide. At present, tours are available in Swedish, English, German, and Persian.

Please book at least 10 working days in advance by contacting us at

Entrance to art exhibitions are not included in the tour.

Guided Tours for Groups.

Elevate your group's experience at Artipelag by booking a guided art tour.

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School Tours.

We customise our tours by age group and encourage dialogue and questions. A tour takes about 30 minutes and is limited to a maximum of 30 people per tour guide. At least two teachers per class must be present.

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