We Promote Culture, Care of the Environment and Scientific Research

Lillemor och Björn Jakobson, Artipelag AB along with others have founded the Artipelag Trust.

The purpose of the trust is to promote culture, care of the environment, and scientific research. The Trust will, in its work, promote these objectives.

The Trust will, in its work, also promote nature conservation, particularly in the Swedish archipelagos, by protecting and preserving important areas and species, nature-like woods or culturally-characterized woods, as well as promoting mans need to be able to enjoy such natural resources.

Prices and stipends that promote the Trust’s goals can also be distributed.

Those who would like to support the Artipelag Trust are welcome to send money to Artipelag Trust’s bank account through bank transfer 558-6037 or SEB, account 5182-11 059 66.

Artipelagstiftelsen – Box 115, 134 23 Gustavsberg

Questions concerning the Artipelag Trust? Please contact Monica Lilja at monica.lilja@artipelag.se