Utställningsbakelse för Signature Women

The exhibition pastry is here

To each exhibition we create a special pastry inspired by the artwork. From March 8th the pastry for Signature Women – 100 years on the Swedish art scene is available!

Head Pastry Chef Annie Hesselstad on her creation:

“To an exhibition as extensive as Signature Women, it was really great to be paired with one of the artists from the exhibition: Åsa Jungnelius. Together with Åsa, I chose to start with her works “the Gate” and “the Shell” from colour and shape perspective. The arches of the pastry form the gate and inside each vault the centre of the shell is hiding. Åsa describes the pastry as a “summer dream” and the taste of raspberry, hibiscus, almond and vanilla leads you on to summer.”

The pastry consists of raspberry bavaroise, raspberry gel flavoured with hibiscus and a gluten free almond base with almond crisp and a hibiscus glaze. The pastry is on sale in our Bådan Café & Pâtisserie.