The Visita Day

The Visita Day 2017

On April 24th, 2017, the Visita Day was held at Artipelag. The conference was organised in cooperation with Visita – a sector and employer’s organisation for the Swedish hospitality industry. It was a one-day event filled with inspirational seminars, meetings, and discussions.

Facts About the Conference
  • Held on April 24th, 2017 with full exclusivity to the entire Artipelag premises including the Studio, the Artist’s Room, the pavilions on level 3, and the Artipelag Restaurant.
  • 500 members participated throughout the day.
  • The Annual General Meeting in the Artbox was followed by seminars throughout the building.
  • All participants received Artipelag’s full-day package with accompanying morning coffee, conference lunch, and afternoon coffee in the Foyer with a selection of sweets from Artipelag’s Bakery.
  • The photo to the right is from a seminar in Bådan Buffet & Café on the theme of ”Make Your Business Sustainable”. The lecturer was Sara Sundquist from Visita and she was joined on stage by representatives from Yasuragi, Skepparholmen, and the St. Clemens Hotel.

The Visita Day

Photos from the Day

Photos: Kate Gabor