Vildvandring med Lisen Sundgren

Wild Walk

Wild edibles are foods of the future and currently one of the biggest food trends!  Sustainable, nutritious and very tasty. Join us on a wild walk in the forests at Artipelag and taste the best delicacies in the archipelago – like pine, fir, blueberry leaves and dandelion.

Lisen Sundgren is an experienced forager (a collector of wild edibles) and has collaborated with some of the most prominent chefs to develop the wild gastronomy.

To learn more about wild edibles is not just a nice way to introduce new products in the kitchen but also to create a relation to nature by spending time there. To pick and use wild edibles you need knowledge in how and where you can pick, how to identify what is edible and how the plants are prepared. That together with much more you will learn during this walk where we taste, smell and explore the wild nature. Lisen will give tips on how the plants are best used in the kitchen and for your health.

Lisen Sundgren is forager, author, herbalist and a nature forest therapy guide and an eager advocate for a life in harmony with nature.

Dress according to weather as outdoors. The wild walk is primarily done during May and October and duration is approx. 60 to 90 minutes depending on your requirements.


SEK 13,000 for groups up to 20 people
For larger groups an additional SEK 500 per person is added
Maximum 30 people. If more, the event can be held indoors

All prices are excluding VAT.