Team Building

Oftentimes, a photo will say more than words. Being challenged and succeeding together is a truly fantastic feeling that strengthens community and team spirit. When there is also an opportunity for everyone to contribute according to their skills and abilities, the joy is greater still. For these reasons, it is not surprising that Team Building at Artipelag is one of our most popular activities and can be organised all year ’round.

Each day’s events have a different number of missions with varying purposes, which allows each team to prioritize and take advantage of their group’s different skills and abilities to collect as many points as possible. The pressure is on to solve as many tasks as possible! Each mission will present different challenges to the group and may consist of, for example, brainteasers, bonus contests, photo assignments, construction events, etc. The race ends with all teams reporting on a few of their missions.

Duration is approximately 1.5 hours.
Entrance fee is SEK 5,000.
Price per person is SEK 295.

Team Building at (with RIB Boat)

Team Building at Artipelag is also available in an extended version which includes a tour on an RIB boat.

Minimum of 20 people is required.
Duration is approximately 2 hours.
Entrance fee is 8000 SEK.
Price per person is 495 SEK

All prices are excluding VAT. Organised in collaboration with Open Sea.