Mingle at Artipelag

Kick-off Conference in Stockholm’s Archipelago

A kick-off conference at Artipelag brings together the beauty of the archipelago, fine architecture, thrilling activities, great food and excellent conference facilities.

Our 10,000 m2 event centre, with its 22 hectares of woodland and waterside walks, easily accommodates both large and small groups. With two fully equipped restaurants we can provide lunches, mingles or dinners for up to 1,500 people.

Please feel welcome to contact us and we will help you plan an event just for you!
You can reach us via event@artipelag.se or +46 (0)8–570 130 60.

A Kick-off Conference at Artipelag

In the morning, your group congregates at the quayside in Stockholm where one of Strömma Kanalbolaget’s turn of the last century vessels awaits. The outward journey takes in the Stockholm archipelago’s rolling waters, rocky outcrops and beautiful, green open spaces.

After about an hour, Artipelag emerges from the other side of Baggensfjärden. On arrival, a light lunch is served in the Bådan Café & Pâtisserie which offers panoramic views over the forest. After lunch there is a guided tour of the art gallery followed by a team building activity.

The afternoon is devoted to workshops, presentations and meetings in our 1,200 m² ‘Artbox’. When the activities are over, it’s time for dinner and partying. At the end of the evening, chartered busses transport the group back to the city in less than 30 minutes.


Food and Drink for Your Kick-off Conference

When it comes to food and drink we have the same high ambitions as we have for art, nature and architecture. Our restaurant team, with head chef Gustav Otterberg at the helm, serve high quality dishes made from the best local produce, meat and fish there is to find.

We grow our own food up on the roof, nurtured by the expert hand of our own head gardener. Produce which isn’t grown on site or gathered from nature on our own grounds, is locally sourced – our beer comes from the local brewery, Värmdö Bryggeri, our juice from orchards at Värmdö Musteri and our cheeses from the Ostmakeriet cheesemakers on Rindö.

The culinary experience is of course complemented with wines, beers and snaps, specially selected by sommelier Tim Good.