Hypnosis Show

Sweden’s most popular hypnosis show! Erik Olkiewicz is a hypnotist who was trained by masters of the craft in London and Las Vegas – and he truly has a passion for teaching his audiences the tools for mental strength.

This hypnosis show is perfect for events, conferences, parties and kickoffs. You and your guests can either watch the show, or become the stars! A truly thrilling experience that will be a talking point for years to come!

Erik will evaluate the purpose of your event, how you want the participants to feel during the show, and what you want to be the result of having seen his show. He then creates a hypnosis experience based on these goals.

Erik is the kind of performer that shows up early, and stays late. He will be the best-prepared and most easygoing lecturer and artist you’ve ever worked with. After the hypnosis show, you will have a room full of relaxed, mentally stronger, motivated people who are ready to take on the world – and can return to work with renewed energy!

Being hypnotised is voluntary, and the show is done with the utmost respect for the participants. Erik’s show is designed for business audiences. He has previously been hired by Tele2, H&M, ICA, 7-Eleven and Nordea.

There are two versions of the show to choose from:

Laugh Fest

Perfect as after-dinner entertainment at the company party, conference or kickoff. A show that creates a festive atmosphere and fellowship among participants.

Business Boost

Suitable for kickoffs, conferences, events, and other times when you want inspiration, entertainment and useful tools to bring out the very best in yourself and your employees. Let him know what you are aiming for and Erik will work with you to make it happen.

Hypnosis Show Info

Minimum number of people per booking is 50. Duration is approximately one hour.
For a price quote, please contact us at event@artipelag.se.