Foto av innehållet i en helgkasse för take away

Take away

Pre-order, pick up at Artipelag and enjoy at home! Our take away offer can be ordered during the week and picked up on Fridays and Saturdays.

The menu can be seen further dow on this page and through the link to order.


The last time to order is at noon (12 pm) on Thursdays.


First select day for pick up and then click on “Continue/Fortsätt” in order to proceed to your approximate pick up time.

Pick up

Outside our main entrance as per days and time below. We deliver to your car so no need to get out of the vehicle.

Fridays 3–5 pm
Saturdays 11 am–1 pm


Payment is made at the end of the ordering process and we accept credit cards (MasterCard and VISA) or Swish. Unfortunately, payment is not possible at Artipelag.

If you have any questions regarding order, pick up or payment kindly contact


Grill bag

For two persons

Barbeque marinated pork neck 250 gr (fresh, to be barbecued)
Herb and lemon marinated leg of chicken, 250 gr (fresh, to be barbequed)
Salad of new potatoes with radish, capers, chives and green asparagus
Marinated vegetables (pre-grilled, to be eaten cold)
Halloumi (pre-grilled, to be eaten cold)
Fennel slaw (egg)
Green salad
Home-made herb butter (lactose)
Chili bearnaise (egg)

SEK 395 per bag

Instruction >>

Hamburger bag

For two persons

Two hamburgers (2 x 160 gr, fresh from prime rib/brisket)
Gruyère cheese
Dressing (egg)
Crisp lettuce
Caramelized onion (lactose)
Hamburger bread (gluten)
French fries (pre fried)

SEK 295 per bag

Instruction >>

Weekend bag

For two persons (three course dinner)

Artipelag’s cured salmon on toasted light sourdough bread (lactose, gluten, egg)
Breast of grilled corn chicken, creamy morels, green asparagus and oven roasted new potatoes (lactose)
Vanilla bavaroise  with red currant and strawberry compote and oat and coconut crumble (lactose, gluten, eggs and gelatine)

SEK 525 per bag

Instruction >>


Weight 150 gr each

SEK 95

Gubbröra (egg–anchovy salad)
SEK 85

Wild garlic pesto
SEK 75

Fika bag

Two cardamom buns
Two chocolate balls

SEK 90 per bag

Candy bag

One box with four salted caramel ganache pralines
One bag of tart raspberry jelly

SEK 90 per bag


Vanilla bavaroise (lactose, gluten, eggs and gelatine)
with red currant and strawberry compote and oat and coconut crumble
SEK 45


Light sour dough bread (gluten)
SEK 55


Grill bag

Place the pork shoulder and chicken on the barbecue when the charcoal is ready for use. Grill the chicken three to four minutes on each side. Grill the pork shoulder four to five minutes on each side. Leave the pork and the chicken to rest on edge of the grid for approximately five minutes. Salt if necessary.

Hamburger bag

Fry or barbecue the hamburgers on each side for approximately two minutes on each side. If you have a thermometer the best inner temperature is around 60°C (140°F). Then add the onion and the cheese, allow the cheese to slightly melt. Split the bread and roast in a dry pan or place on the grid. Heat the french fries in the oven at 200°C (400°F) for approximately three to four minutes. Add salt. Build your burger with lettuce, tomato and dressing.

Weekend bag

Heat the chicken and the potato in the oven at 150°C for approximately six to seven minutes. Add the asparagus at the end. Heat the morels in a saucepan at moderate heat until warm, which usually takes around two minutes. Roast the sourdough bread in a dry pan or in a toaster, or fry it in butter on medium high heat for one minute on each side.