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This summer and autumn, Artipelag expands its artistic offering and offer an outdoor exhibition called Detour. Here, the forests, meadows and water provide a natural backdrop for the sculptures.

Since its inception six years ago, Artipelag has established itself as an art museum with a special relationship with nature. The museum building’s sedum roof, tarred wooden walls and large panoramic windows all speak of an openness to the outside world. Thus, we usually describe our art gallery as a “green room”, a kind of greenhouse for art. By arranging an outdoor art installation, we’ve taken a new step towards exploring the symbiosis between art and nature.

Each of the artists participating in the first part of Detour has a special relationship with nature, and their work is characterised by an ability to see a living creature in it. But while they share this ability, their works are markedly different from each other in terms of approach, material choice and size (the exhibits range from 50 cm to 10 m tall).

Most of the artists are Swedish and include Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Maria Miesenberger, Klara Kristalova and Kennet Williamsson. Our neighbouring Nordic countries are represented by Per Kirkeby, Tal R and Idun Baltzersen. Even though Eva Schlegel and Jaume Plensa may not have a direct link to Nordic identity, they do have a relationship with the Nordic romantic tradition and approach to nature.

By placing Detour beyond the architectural boundaries of the building, it’s an exhibition that is continuously evolving. It explores the relationship between art and nature, and invites you to discover the area surrounding Artipelag. It implies both a physical journey and a fictional landscape, and beckons you to embark on an intricate quest to explore the human aspect of the landscape. It’s a detour off the beaten track, where you can come across everything from geology to biology, astronomy to holistic world views.

About the Exhibition

Contributing artists in 2018 are Idun Baltzersen, Joel Fisher, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Per Kirkeby, Klara Kristalova, Maria Miesenberger, Lars Nilsson, Jaume Plensa, Tal R, Eva Schlegel, Ulrika Sparre and Kennet Williamsson.


Private Tour

You may book a private tour. The fee is SEK 2.500 and booking requests are made via visning@artipelag.se


Since Detour is an outdoor exhibition in Artipelag’s surrounding nature, it is unfortunately not adapted for wheelchairs or strollers. However, some of its artworks can be seen well from our prepared walking paths.

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Ulrika Sparre has created, by simple means, entirely different kinds of detours than just the physical, in our outdoor exhibition. She starts from a collection of nature stones, having decorated them with signs associated with different sounds. The combination of signs and sounds creates a complex and enigmatic experience, which opens the possibility to think about whether the secular society based on science holds all the answers, or not.