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Bigert & Bergström:
Eye of the Storm October 27, 2017 – 25 February, 2018

Bigert & Bergström is a contemporary artist duo consisting of Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström. Ever since the duo met in 1986 – at the Art Academy in Stockholm – they have created a variety of art projects, large-scale installations, public works and films together. With a conceptual approach, their works is placed at the intersection where human, nature and technology meet. 

Bigert & Bergstöms work often addresses social issues, however what appear most frequent is their interest in human impact on climate changes. The duo usually takes one specific problem of a scientific nature, and presents it in a aesthetic and playful way. Their art projects make scientific questions and problems more concrete and accessible to the public by visually illustrating and engineering them, which provides an easier approach to complex issues.

Bigert & Bergström has conducted a number of public works, the most known is perhaps the work Tomorrows Weather/ Morgondagens väder at Stockholm Central Station. The work consists of hanging molecular that changes color depending on the weather forecast.

The exhibition at Artipelag will reflect the duo’s long interest in climate by displaying works from their 30-year production, all works addressing different aspects of climate change. The works are large-scale installations and take up significant areas in the rooms. Each works comments on the human relationship to nature and climate, in different ways.