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Bigert & Bergström: Eye of the Storm

After 30 years of collaborating, the Swedish artist duo Mats Bigert (b. 1965) and Lars Bergström (b. 1962) present the exhibition Eye of the Storm, a selection of works produced between 1990 and 2017.

Bigert & Bergström’s practice is anchored in historic and scientific theories, often relating to social issues and climate change. With its conceptual dimension, their oeuvre is placed in the intersection between humanity, nature and technology. Large-scale installations, sculptures, films and geoengineering projects are used for visual experiences that mobilise our senses and require active participation when moving around the gallery space. Their characteristic aesthetic style and a pinch of humour is employed to offer an easier approach to complex issues by visually materialising scientific allegations.

A central topic in Eye of the Storm is the enormous impact of nature on human life. How do we, as individuals and globally, deal with the extreme weather conditions that seem to be a result of rising temperatures? Do we adapt? Or do we rely on scientists to manipulate the weather on our behalf? And if so, what will be the consequences? To quote the artist duo; For each solution add a new problem.

With suggestive methods, rather than conclusive answers, Bigert & Bergström raise our awareness of the fundamental importance of generating creativity. By placing their works in a global context, we are confronted with how we, depending on cultural and geographical circumstances, respond to different notions of truth. To remind us of this, an underlying mythological and religious aspect infuses some of the works.

After 30 years of practicing together, Bigert & Bergström continue to provide us with new ways of seeing, thinking and understanding the world we live in and the future we are facing.

Bigert & Bergström – Eye of the Storm
Bigert & Bergström – Eye of the Storm.
Bigert & Bergström – Eye of the Storm
Bigert & Bergström – Eye of the Storm.



Adults: SEK 150
Youth up to (and including) 18 years: Free

We offer discounts to groups of more than 20 people.


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Brainstorm Workshop

At the Brainstorm Workshop, we will be reflecting on issues relating to the exhibition. The participants’ ideas guide the workshop content. Together, we map a better future by unleashing our creativity and developing solutions for a future with extreme weather, as well as solutions to other challenges we may have to face in connection with ongoing climate change.

The workshop will be held Saturday and Sunday from 11–12 am. In Swedish.


All introductions are included in the cost of entry and pre-registration is not required. Please meet just inside the entrance to the exhibition hall.

Introduction in English

Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2.30 pm (a general introduction to the exhibition, offered in English).

General Introduction

Wednesday–Sunday at 12.30 pm. In Swedish. The introduction will run for about 15 minutes.

Family Introduction

Saturday and Sunday at 12 pm. In Swedish. A 30-minute introduction for children and adolescents. Parents are also welcome to join.

Introduction at a Slower Pace

Wednesday at 2.30 pm. In Swedish. A general introduction, but at a somewhat slower pace for those who need more time.

Work-specific Introduction

Friday at 2.30 pm. In Swedish. An introduction that focuses on a specific piece of work in the exhibition.