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Erik Uddén

Fredrik Roos Scholarship 2023
February 9, 2023 – March 8, 2023
Brun svart tavla mot cementvägg
Seabed, 2022


Entrance price
The exhibition has free admission and an exhibition catalogue can be obtained free of charge.
Place for the exhibition
The exhibition takes place in the entrance hall, on the 1st floor and the Björns floor, which is located at the top of the house.

From February 9 to March 8, Artipelag exhibits art by Erik Uddén, the 2023 recipient of the Fredrik Roos scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to Erik Uddén with the following motivation:

"Erik Uddén connects finished wall fragments with different textures and materiality with plaster processing and painterly brushstrokes to new combinations, where you never really know what are the harvests of chance from the material's previous life and what the artist has added as a conscious act.
It is in this open situation that the viewer feels invited to a dialogue. Uddén allows his paintings to be connected to both walls, ceilings and floors and sometimes a few windows. In this way, the installations are part of a close dialogue with the architectural space and thus the connection to society also feels like a natural part."

Erik Uddén på Artipelag.
Erik Uddén at Artipelag with artwork Spine, 2022.

More information

Deep Shells (Horizon & Shelter), 2022
Untitled, 2023
Deep Shells (Blue Mustang), 2022
Erik Uddén konstkatalog